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Making the choice for the material for thermal insulation depends on several different factors, the way the roof is sloped, the size of the roof, the type of roof, and the arrangement of the layers for the roof material. You must also remember that the process of insulating both a non-ventilated roof and a ventilated roof. We will discuss these details here. There are insulation companies out there like Galaxy Insulation that offers all kinds of thermal insulation of solutions.

Thermal Insulation of ventilated roof

A ventilated roof is when a ventilated air gap between the roof and the ceiling structure. This is a good thing about the thermal insulation of a building, but with the requirements and knowledge, it is not very important to achieve great results. When it comes to a ventilated roof, the thermal insulation is simply laid on the roof because it does not require high compression strength and no external factors can impact, but one aspect is the thermal conductivity coefficient that needs to be considered.

If the ventilating gap is small, you can simply make use of the method of blowing thermal insulation material to that area. Blowing thermal insulation will allow very little recess, but it is impsossible to lay insulation in standard manner. So you can lay insulation before mounting the roof.

The thermal insulation surface in the case of a ventilated roof is divided from the roofing surface. The air circulating between the surfaces is to balance the pressure and reduce the extent of which the layers heat on the ceiling structure. This solution is of use when it comes to dampness and thermal properties.

Thermal insulation of non-ventilated roof

In some older structures you will also find that there is non-ventilated space between the ceiling structure and the roof quite often. You can make use of PVC/EPDM roof membrane, bitumen membrane, and heat-wielded bitumen membrane for the thermal insulation of non-ventilated roof. The solution for this kind of non-ventilated roof is technically and economically not quite feasible.

The non-usable flat roofs can be thermally insulated with any possible insulating material. In this case, the technology you make use of, and the outermost layer depends a lot on the dimensions of the roof and the kind of final result you expect in the end. There is another solution which is the rockwell insulation which is a mineral wool. This option is inorganic and is mostly ideal for thermal insulation, acoustic control, fire protection etc.

Rigid mineral wool boards is a good insulation material as it is non-flammable, but there are also certain weaknesses when it is used for a flat roof. It presses down over a certain period of time and reduces insulating power when the environment is damp.

Dry lining Materials and Supplies

One of the best solutions for thermal insulation is also using dry lining supplies and dry lining materials. For longer term, dry lining supplies and dry lining materials are well suited for thermal wall insulation. Roof thermal insulation and thermal wall insulation are also useful for saving around 35% on heating and cooling energy, while thermal wall insulation can save around 15% on heating and cooling energy.

Galaxy Insulation offers the best solutions

Be it for the purpose of thermal insulation of a ventilated roof or a non-ventilated roof, there are several thermal insulation companies like Galaxy Insulation that can provide some amazing solutions for thermal insulations for both walls and roofs. Galaxy Insulation guides you to have a complete understanding of your roof and walls and their rockwool thermal insulation requirements. This is really important to do as these solutions must be long-lasting and if you get the right kind of experts to thermal insulation problems on your roofs or walls then you wouldn't have to worry for long periods of time.


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