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  • In Press Release Power, our main motto is to publish and distribute your press to your target audiences, via our journalists and bloggers. We ensure to increase your online visibility to produce guaranteed results:
  • Your press releases are published on various online channels to increase the number of eyes seeing it regularly.  Various channels include social media websites and the news channels by the search engines. 
  • Your Press Release For Website and published on thousands of RSS feeds, articles, portals, and blogs.
  • Our panel of journalists ensures that your press is accessible and readable by the audience 24*7.
  • To increase traffic on your site, we promise to deliver a complete SEO friendly press release, with all your desired keyword.
  • Your press releases are seen and indexed by all the major search engines.
  • Here, we guarantee you a viral distribution of your press release.
  • The cost depends on the type of Press Release Services, and the number of audiences you want to deliver your news.
  • The efficient tracking system, in press release power we have an amazing technique through which you can determine the current status of your press release.
  • Multimedia files are also permitted because it increases the susceptibility of your release to be viewed by the public.
  • Best customer service. We are here to serve you over telephone consultation and support are available 24*7.
  • Please read our clients' testimonials.

Major Press Release Power Services: 

Our registered distribution channels with major press release channels and media channels. We enable releases to reach or appear on thousands of websites of many news channels and social media channels. We also extend our hands for support for those who shriek about writing, we aid you in your Press Release Writing too. Then provide you the best distribution system. Ensuring you the best dissemination of your press.  

Target Audience & Journalists: 

Press Release Power sends out your Press Release Distribution online to reach your target audience. We reach your audience by a particular industry or area with our online distribution. Whether your target audience or journalists are local or global, they go online on a regular basis. The latest survey shows that both journalists and your potential clients go online for news, research, and information:
  • Almost all journalist visit the World Wide Web to keep themselves updated.
  • Many among the audience and journalist carry out researches to quench their curiosity.
  • While some may simply do the searching
  • Interested audiences will lead to finding new topics.
On an average day, 68 million American adults go online, which is quite a big number
  • 30% of them use a search engine to find information
  • 27% get news
Sources: Middleburg/Ross Survey and Pew Internet and American Life Project

News Delivery Methods:

Press release power uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), co-branding, sharing and other social bookmarking tools, RSS feeds, XML, NewsML, e-mail, FTP technology to distribute news releases to thousands of major news channels, vertical news sites, blogs, and social networking news sites for Online Free Press Release.

Search Engine Optimization: 

All of our Press Release Distribution Services are in accordance with the optimization algorithm for the search engines. We allow you to post releases with interesting text, there should not be the use of slang terminologies. Our system in press release power also permits our clients to submit images and videos. Our news delivery system optimizes your releases to be indexed on Google news, Google Search, Yahoo Search, MSN, Bing search, Ask, Live and other major search and news engines.  

Archive Your Release Indefinitely: 

When we publish and distribute your Best Press Release Distribution, we file it for forever. The same release remains searchable on all major search engines and thousands of other search engines for a long time -- including on the vertical portals.    

Get Results With Press Release Power: 

After we distribute your release, we use soft wares and tools to produce a report that shows where online news sites have published and Instant Approval Press Release Site. It also measures the amount of traffic generated and represents it via graphs and charts.