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Majority of the people think of press releases simply as a one-way ticket to get the news about your product (or your company) out there and published in all types of media, such as print publications, TV, radio and, most common nowadays, relevant websites to the content you’re promoting.

  • No Guarantee of Approval
  • Approval time 2-3 days for pending submissions
  • No Guarantee of Google news inclusion
  • Limited Visibility
  • Links should also be credible and should be used in the press release body.
  • Search engine optimized web page
  • Selectable location, industry & tag listings
  • Ads will be served
  • Press release will be on internet for six months, and thereafter it can be removed any time.
  • We reserve the right to change title or description specific to our content policy
  • You can also submit press releases free of charge. Please submit your press releases here (login is required).

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All press releases’ main purpose should be to promote something, whether it’s an event, an award, or a change in your company. It serves mainly promotional and marketing purposes.

Press releases can’t be considered a guaranteed marketing tool, though, because sending out a press release doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get published or passed along by all media sources you wished it would.

Press releases are can either be produced by specialized PR Management Company or internally, or sent to editors and reports, responsible for selecting the ones that get published.

To maximize the penetration and exposure from press release, it is essential to submit releases to reliable sources like press release power. Although many such websites are available, but not all are reliable. Some of these services offer free basic distribution with paid upgrades, while others require an upfront payment or contract on either a yearly subscription or per-item basis. These services also tend to distribute releases via news feeds to online and offline journalists, media websites, and news aggregation services, such as Google News and Yahoo News, which can result in a great deal of exposure for a newsworthy story.

Press release submission guidelines:

Other than focusing 99% of your attention on producing your text (make it shorter than two pages), divide your attention equally between the text and the headline. A brief and clear eye-catching headline is normally enough to motivate a reader to find out the content.

Make sure your press release is long enough to cover all basic elements (who, what, when, where, why, how) and short enough that your reader won’t get bored before finishing it.

These basic elements should be included in the text according to how relevant each of them is to your story. If you’re writing a release about a new feature or product, start by covering the what, why and how.

Don’t ever, ever lose focus and exaggerate the information. Keep in mind that you’re not writing an article to be published directly, you’re presenting relevant information in hopes that the publication sees its importance and write about it.

Also, proof-read everything before sending it out. A press release full of typos is more than enough to lose the editor’s attention.

PR Submission

We scrutinize and approve press releases with high quality content with credibility. We have a preferencefor unique content, and we do not publish duplicate press releases already listed in other Press release sites.

We do not approve duplicate press releases already submitted or posted in other sites. We check plagiarism before we start processing your press release, we will check this when reviewing. We only support freshly brewed content.

To enhance the online awareness please incorporate important keywords into the title so it maximizes online relevance with search engines and news services and makes it clear what the press release is about.

Please do not submit the same press release to more than 2 categories or all releases will be deleted.

We only accept high quality news content from original sources. Due to the fact that volume of submissions get every day, we cannot guarantee acceptance and distribution for all press releases submitted free.