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Press Release Submission Guidelines

  • While every single Press Release Deals with distinctive the subject matter, each item that is submitted to our site should follow these general formatting rules:
  • Use concise and clear language that describes your release.
  • The range of words for all Press Releases format must be between 300 and 800 words in length. While the news summary should not be more than two sentences, and it must be included within the main report.
  • Information about all the five W’s (who, what, why, where, and when) should be included in the first para.
  • The Press Release For Website should not contain any email addresses within the body of the release. If an email address is necessary, use this formatting: name@service.com.
  • The press release should not have HTML tags, tables, line breaks, or any other non-traditional characters. Capitalization should be according to the standard grammar protocol. Complete words should not be capitalized.
  • The uses of hyperlinks should be kept restricted for 1 per 300 words.(max 3 hyperlinks allow)
  • Mention a proper date for the release
  • If the Online Press Release has more than a single page, include the word “more” at the bottom of every page. And add “end” on the last page.

Press Release Content Guide

Press releases must stick to the following guidelines to be considered for publication on this site. Please ensure that your release meets all these criteria before submitting it to our editorial staff:

  • Newsworthiness: The Top Press Release must mention why it is necessary for the reader, and it should be supported by factual information.
  • Maintain Objectivity: The press release is for the masses, therefore one should restrict the use of terms like “I” and “you”.
  • Fact-Checked: Before Press Release Distribution, the first person should check all the given facts and check for its accuracy before submitting online over our website.
  • Written Consent And/Or Authorization: The company submitting its release should contain an authorization symbol on it.
  • Contact Information: Give the name of the person or organization to the Press Release Submission Sites. Their phone number and/or email address should also be mentioned. Any press releases that do not contain this information will be disqualified for distribution.
  • Correct Grammar And Spelling: Carefully check the spellings and grammar before submitting it online. To define all the technical or industry-specific vocabulary used in the release. 
  • Reliable Source: All Press Release Content must be reinforced by factual information.

What We Do Not Accept:

  • Ads or Spam Content. We do not take Press Release For Website that contains ads or spam content, under any circumstances. Use of the word FREE and Earn Money in the release, will be considered as spam.
  • Opinion Statements. The release should not contain any personal opinion.
  • Explicit Content. Our site does not accept press releases that contain any vulgar or sexually explicit content. Malicious or threatening content for any section of the society is also considered to be explicit.
  • Blog Entries- blog entries cannot be submitted as press releases over our website.
  • Copyrighted content. All content must be unique and unpublished for Instant Approval On the Press Release Site. Any previously published article cannot be used as of a press release for our website.
  • Ticker symbols and stock tips- It is allowed to use ticker symbols, provided that they are sanctioned by the company who owns the symbol. But, Stock tips, advice, newsletters, alerts, and personal reviews are also barred.
  • Unethical SEO practices- links for buying and selling, paid schemes are prohibited, for being unethical.


Other than the above-mentioned things, press release power does not accept releases that contain the following things:

  • Only opinion.
  • Duplicated content.
  • Promote escorts, pornography, sexual enhancement products, or supplements.
  • Radical, divisive, or political opinion/view.
  • Radical religious opinion/view.
  • Possible libel, intent to harm or defame.
  • Unauthorized or unregistered stock ticker symbols.
  • Content that promotes online gambling.
  • Topics regarding e-cigs or vamping including accessories, HCG, kratom, Garcinia cambogia, recreational cannabis, and more.
  • Content should keep an impartial tone throughout the Press Release Writing.
  • Content should contain no or few grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Don’t write your press releases like an advertisement or a sales letter.
  • Topics regarding illegal device unlocking, rooting, or jailbreaking of devices.
  • That announces discounts, bonuses, price cuts, sales, coupon codes, or anything related to the promotion of products/services, advertorials, or news about promotions.
  • That reads like an article without news value.
  • Content about affiliate product reviews, product reviews, or trials.
  • Press Release Power does not accept content about new website launches, new blog posts, or content that generally does not carry a news value.
  • Should not contain any content which may provoke sections of society.
  • Should not destroy the social, moral, and ethical harmony.

In addition to the above-mentioned content, we do not accept press releases, if they are regarding the following topics:

  • Third-party legal content (the release should be from the representing firm)
  • Market research reports, cannot be used as of in a Press Release Distribution Services
  • Online gambling sites are illegal, and therefore, not allowed on our website.
  • Streaming video sites within the Press Release (except there is an authorization from the creator)
  • Payday loan sites are barred from submitting releases in our website.
  • Medicinal sites (unless it clearly states that a prescription is required)
  • Weight reduction programs
  • Sexual health or Libido enhancement supplements
  • Money-making schemes
  • Unlawful mobile device unlocking services are also not allowed, as it breaches privacy.
  • Academic writing facilities (research papers, essays, etc.)