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CONSULT Invoicing Automation Software Eases IT Staffing Invoicing Process

Posted 03 Nov-2020 05:45 PM by Atkku | 56852

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Atkku Services LLC, a New Jersey based accounting automation software firm has formally released its latest version of CONSULT with features especially targeted at IT staffing companies operating in the USA. 

Releasing the latest version, the CEO Sankar Veeramalai said, œOur customers will benefit from the highly enhanced features.  CONSULT is offered as a cloud-based invoicing solution for reducing the time taken for preparing invoices that are complex and have extensive input data. Speaking to newspersons, the CEO added, œCONSULT has the potential to cut down the invoice preparation time by as much as one-third without any errors.

Elaborating on the newly introduced features he said that it can automatically capture data from accounting software like QuickBooks for which it has been made. A notable feature of the application is the dashboard that users can use for making midway changes during the project cycle. 

œCONSULT can be integrated with QuickBooks online easily and does not require the purchase of any software separately or installation of any application. The ecosystem blends with QuickBooks and offers customers a seamless experience. Sankar further added. 

Though the staffing companies are expected to be the prime users, the software has features that CPA firms, accountants and bookkeepers will find useful in extending services for staffing company clients. Potentially the accounting firms stand to gain from reduced time that they have to spend preparing invoices for their clients. 

According to CPA firms IT staffing companies in the US lose anywhere up to 2% of their revenue on missed invoice, under invoicing and failure to dispatch bills on time. This results in large scale delinquencies that CONSULT can address, said a CPA.

Accuracy and error-free capabilities is an inbuilt feature in CONSULT say officials of the company. An official said, œOur proprietary technology is designed to transfer directly from the accounting software to our invoicing software and this makes it the perfect solution for businesses that want a 100% safe and fail-proof eco for data integrity.

Atkku Services LLC is a leading automatic invoicing software solution provider for the staffing business in the US having its office in Iselin, NJ. CONSULT® makes complex billing/invoicing processes simpler for accountants and invoice preparers. The software captures all the input data directly from QuickBooks directly on a real “time basis so that there is never a redundancy to be corrected.


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