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How Ammache Architects in Melbourne are Making the World a Better Place

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Throughout history, architecture has remained the most persistent representation of society. It reflects the successes, the values, and the ultimate collapse of civilizations over time. From truly outstanding buildings to buildings and residences that form the very fabric of a city, there is a lot to be learned about the people who lived in a certain place for hundreds of years before we came in. By closely studying the past built environments, coupled with research on environment and psychology, it is possible to understand how architecture impacts on people in completely new ways. So how do architects make the world a better place? Before we answer this question, let us first look at the role of architects.

The Architect's Role

Architecture is both an art and a science. It draws on and is intertwined with, sociology, psychology, politics, and economics among other things. At Ammache Architects, our design process usually includes spending a significant chunk of time with the client just to understand them, their community, and also the environment the project will be built in. we do this long before any drawing is commenced.


We take lessons from past projects, not just the ones we completed ourselves, but also successful projects done by other architecture firms. To build a successful project, it's important to understand that the buildings and spaces we love most evoke feelings in us that are not easy to quantify. However, they are built from gathering and implementing this research and knowledge.


The role of technology in architecture practice and its impact on our society cannot be overemphasized. The fact we can access research evidence and global data, and our ability to communicate in real-time with anyone in different parts of the world, have changed the profession drastically. It is now possible to take projects located on entirely different continents and use a global workforce. This enables different cultural backgrounds and ideas to influence a given project.


Also, technology has had huge impacts on the way we design projects. Some of the technologies include BIM modelling, virtual reality, and computer-aided drafting. Thanks to these technologies, it has become a lot easier to bridge the gap between reality and vision, convey information, and create complex and unique shapes never before seen.


What do we do?


Many people don't quite understand why it's beneficial to work with a top architecture firm in Melbourne. Sure we design, but what other things do architects offer?


There is much more to architecture than making a few drawings. Our architectural services go well beyond just the paperwork. We offer all the services you require, and these are for each stage of the construction project. We bring design flair and imagination, project management, value for money for your project, and peace of mind. We do all these while keeping a keen eye on your budget!


Here are a few things that we do:


1.  We advise and help you to come up with a brief by understanding your project and the people around it.


2.  We incorporate imaginative and innovative design solutions that are guaranteed to work for your scheme, reduce costs, and generate ideas that add value to your project.


3.  We prepare documents and drawings that are to be submitted for planning approval. In most cases, we obtain permission the first time which saves you time, money, and stress.


4.  Also, we submit on your behalf, drawings for planning approval, and liaise with the relevant authorities to provide any additional information if it should be required. We also advise our clients on quality contractors and consultants.


5.  As part of our work, we also assemble the project team for you. We find the best contractors and consultants who can accomplish the job within the timescales and the budget.

6.  Coordinate and be at the lead of the project team. We will be involved in your project from the design stage through the construction process in strict compliance with the legislation and all the laws. 


7.  We manage time people, the process, and all the problems that may crop up. Most importantly, we manage your budget.


We help you Stick to your budget


Architects make the work of understanding construction costs easy. Without architects, this would be overwhelming and even get out of control fast. Before the commencement of any project, our architects will check your budget to be sure that you are not over committing to your project. It's important to be realistic and honest about what you can comfortably afford.


As top Melbourne architects, we never exceed our client's budget just to impress our ideas and tastes on your project. We will ensure that your money is wisely spent, and choose design options and develop details with multiple purposes but also enhance your space.

We will often advise you on the necessity, as well as the scope of service of other consultants. Also, we will acquire competitive quotations from highly qualified consultants to ensure that you get the best service for your money. Normally, we will coordinate designs to ensure that your entire scheme works as a single unit. We also manage information flow from consultants and contractors to ensure that the designs come together in a timely fashion.


If you choose an architect base on the price they are charging, you won't necessarily enjoy the above aspects as someone who employs certified and insured architects. Most likely, this is a false economy because good architects pay for themselves several times over. They are a sound investment, always.


Health and Safety


Another way in which architects at Ammache architects make the world a much better is when it comes to planning a project with a given health and safety risk level especially in the construction and also during the usage of the building. By hiring Ammache Architects, your projects will not only meet the latest safety and health legislation but also teach you to know your responsibilities as a client.


During the phase of construction, one of our highly-qualified architects will identify certain risks and address them so that everyone is safe.


We are Professional Problem solvers  



Hiring Ammache Architects means you have professionals with experience in the planning, design, and even construction of several different types of projects. Our architects are highly experienced in solving all kinds of design problems. Through their service, they ensure that most problems will be averted, which saves you time and money.



Working with certified architects like those at Ammache Architects enables you to benefit from their training and experience. Our sheer knowledge ensures every project has efficiency, and this is important in helping you to circumvent pitfalls that are common with most projects. 



We Look at the Bigger Picture 



Our architects are excellent communicators who take time to understand your situation as well as your vision for the project. By understanding your needs, we can design in a way that leads to a building that exceeds your expectations, as well as one that's a pleasure to experience. 


Hiring an architect adds value to any project. Architects are trained to see things from the widest perspectives possible. Ammache Architects focus on small things that make a genuine difference to your project while maintaining a view of the effect on the entire project.


It is therefore to your advantage to let an architect understand you better when they are trying to create a space that's functional for you and your family. The following are some of the things that an architect will want to understand:


·        How your family lives and works

·        Where you go when you have come in with muddy boots

·        The part of the house that you spend the most time

·        Your daily living patterns



Using this information, an architect will be able to create a functional home that works for you and one that you and your family will enjoy. The aim is to come up with a design that ensures your home flows. They will consider aspects like where to locate artificial lights, the direction of natural light, how to exploit natural light if the toilet is visible in case the bathroom is open, where to locate the downpipes to improve the aesthetic appearance, where to locate boilers and other fixings, and which way a door opens among other things. Architects incorporate into your design the whole living experience!


Call Ammache Architects for Projects that Stand the Test of Time


At Ammache Architects, we appreciate that the past continues to shape our societies, and we know just how to build on this knowledge to support our present needs while at the same time planning for the future. 


The design teams at Ammache Architects are zealous and committed about making the world a much better place through award-winning designs, and we fully understand our responsibilities to the craft. If you would like to know more about how we can make your project to have a bigger impact on the community you live in, just contact us today. We will be more than ready to talk to you!


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