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Aromaray is the Top 3 Fragrance & Scent Distributors in Israel Contract Signing Totaling $100000 USD

Posted 16 Oct-2021 12:38 PM by John | 900

In what appears to be a bold move, Aromaray is on the way to becoming the top 3 distributors of scent & fragrance diffusers in Israel, if everything goes according to their plan & marketing strategy.




Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv - Going by the present statistics, Aromaray is all set to become the top 3 distributors of scent & fragrance dispensing systems for homes & offices (commercial spaces) by the end of this year. Presently, it is executing projects for installing such systems at residences and corporate parks in Tel Aviv, worth $45,000. The CEO said that by the next 2-3 months it would be able to sign new project contracts valuing close to $100,000. This is for both commercial and residential projects combined. The local manufacturer of aroma dispensing systems, scent & fragrance diffusers and other related accessories is seriously focused into manufacturing world-class products (scent diffusers & dispensers) for the local market in Israel, and also for global customers. It also plans to set up a new R&D laboratory in Tel Aviv for designing newer products for the domestic and international market.


If reliable company sources are to be believed, Aromaray is soon going to introduce some of the latest products into the market. It consists of stylish-looking wall-fitted scent diffusers for homes, cafeterias & restaurants that occupy comparatively smaller space than large hotels and shopping malls. Similarly, it also plans to introduce world-class products in the area of electric fragrance diffusers for retail stores, hotel chains, movie theatres and corporate offices. In this way, the company desires to become the #1 scent & fragrance distributor in Israel, by designing and manufacturing these latest diffusers, in-house. The CEO & Director of this company mentioned that their products are now being sold in the US, UK, Europe and in some parts of Asia too. This is how this local manufacturer wants to take a giant stride and become the leading scent & fragrance diffuser distributor in Israel.


In a recently concluded general meeting of the Board of Directors, the CEO & Co-Founder made it amply clear to all its shareholders and stakeholders that the company would diversify upon ist product range. They also mentioned that there would be no compromise on product manufacturing quality, and that it would be a ˜value-for-money' for all residential and commercial customers. The top management seems quite optimistic about its future growth path, and laid down a road-map for achieving the target of $200k USD revenue figure by the end of the next fiscal year. If everything goes according to the plan, the company hopes to more than double its revenue generation by signing some high-value fragrance diffusing systems installation contracts at big commercial centers and sprawling residences in the heart of the city of Tel Aviv. Let's see how the top management implements its market strategy, and grabs a bigger share of the ever growing scent & fragrance diffuser industry in Israel, and the world over.




About Aromaray


Aromaray is a manufacturer of scent & fragrance diffusers in Israel since 2005. It caters to the needs of both residential and commercial customers. It is into manufacturing electric scent diffusers and fragrance distribution systems that have non-toxin, non-allergen & non-carcinogen properties.


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Aromaray 0778903777 aromarayelectronics@gmail.com https://www.aromaray.co.il

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