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Join an Enticing Musical Journey with Steve Moffitt, a Talented Victoria Rock Music Artist

Posted 01 May-2021 12:48 PM by Andrea | 2212

Featuring a multi-genre of music and intriguing vocal skills, Steve Moffitt has come up with his latest tracks to offer the listeners. He is a well-seasoned musician and his musical artsy hits hard through each of his tracks. The artist has released several singles by taking influences from rock, blues, adult contemporary, country, and many more. Some of the tracks like, ˜Mr Brown', ˜See You Shine', etc provide that amalgamated flavor and successfully captivates the listeners. The artist's vocal skills add a potential dose of warmth and depth to the tracks.

Hailing from Melbourne, this uber talented Victoria rock music artist is making significant progress through the music industry with his dynamic approach, sheer talent, and prolific musicianship. He is creating a new root of rock music by fusing different elements of blues, country, and contemporary sounds. Injecting an ample amount of his individuality and musical artsy makes his music sound more unique and dynamic. He is a versatile solo music artist with his skills of singing, songwriting, drumming, and playing guitar. 

Steve masterfully crafts each of his tracks and showcases his talent through both, music and lyrics. His raspy vocal tone keeps sprawling through the organic soundscape and engages listeners with a fresh feeling. A relatable approach could be felt through lyricism as the artist incorporates different elements from life and daily experiences.

Following the success of ˜Mr Brown' and ˜See You Shine', the artist has released many tracks later on that portray his musical consistency throughout his persistent musical career. Some of the other singles like, ˜LIVING HARD', ˜COREY', Little Baby Girl', etc are the milestones of his rocket-fueled musical journey. His debut solo album 'COLORFULL' is releasing this April. Follow Steve Moffitt over SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube to know more about this artist and his upcoming music. 

Listen to these songs by Steve Moffitt :

Mr Brown: https://soundcloud.com/stevemoffitt/mr-brown

See You Shine: https://soundcloud.com/stevemoffitt/see-you-shine

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