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Talent Resources Sports launch their new experiential marketing service in NYC

Posted 28 Mar-2021 10:00 PM by Jake | 488

Talent Resources has already made a name as a top-performing agency in influential marketing with laurels for many successful campaigns with happy clients. With the current dynamic marketing scenario new methods and tools are on the rise.

With this success backing their efforts, Talent Resources had spread its wings to form Talent Resources Sports as a premier sports influencer marketing agency, and the newest addition to their kitty is experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing works on a strategy that employs everything from street activities, mobile tours, pop-up events, musical arrangements, trade shows and a lot more. It goes beyond events and requires all interconnected processes to work together to deliver a final result. These innovation based marketing activities are the key to a vivid presence and an emotional connection that is created out of memorable experiences.

NYC is the headquarters of Talent Resources llc and is thus, also the main base for Talent Resources Sports. They have recently launched their experiential marketing service operational from their base. This gives all the businesses in the city an opportunity to use their services and give their customers an experience that will get them spellbound.

An experiential marketing agency in NYC has access to all the resources the city has to offer and given its population of about 20 million it offers the largest market in the radius of NYC with a size of about 20 miles. It has a population density of around 27000 people per square mile and approximately 2.2 million businesses catering to the people of the city.

Traditional marketing methods are still being used mostly. At the same time, a recent Freeman Global Brand Experience Study reports one in three businesses plan to spend about 20% of their marketing budgets on experiential marketing in the next three to five years. This is heading towards a global shift in the way the world sees and experiences marketing.

Experiential marketing has opened new horizons and is slated to change the face of marketing. Talent Resources with its experienced team of people will for sure have an impact on experiential marketing. Its proven track record in influencer marketing and sports influencer marketing has us expecting that many more creative projects and effective campaigns are on the way to being undertaken.

Talent Resources Sports are very successful with sports influencer marketing. Now they are looking to become an efficient experiential marketing agency in NYC. NYC is a booming market with 98% of small or very small businesses booming in the city. Experiential marketing is all set to make their business grow and prosper towards becoming known and larger brands, and big brands even bigger with higher profits and ROI.


Talent Resources Sports is perfectly positioned to prosper in annual destination sporting events and provide out-of-the-box experiential marketing for consumer brands at those events. As the retail sales model for these brands continues to evolve, Talent Resources Sports and the experiential marketing that we provide is becoming the secret weapon of brands and retailers alike.

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Talent Resources Sports
Jake Lieberman
29 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003, USA


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