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PureShowers.co.uk Innovative New Shower Filter Cartridge

Posted 29 Mar-2021 02:55 AM by Ty | 900

London “ March 2021: PureShowers.co.uk are renown for their prowess in shower filters and shower filter technology, so with their latest the development, they have once again shown their superiority when it comes to providing the highest quality shower filters technology to the consumer market.

Working hand in hand with their suppliers and research and development teams, PureShowers.co.uk have now designed and developed a new type of shower filter cartridge which is exclusive to them and has never been seen before on the market.

After over a decade of working in the shower filter industry, the company have taken their vast knowledge of all of the latest water filter mediums and the highest performing water filter materials and incorporated them all into a single shower filter cartridge.

Ty Lee the founder of PureShowers.co.uk has said, œFor this project, what we have done is we've taken the best performing shower filter mediums that are included in our large range of shower filter products. Then we have combined them all together to make a cartridge which has a little bit of the best of everything.

The new filter cartridge combines 9 different levels of filtration in a single cartridge, these filter mediums include:
¢ A micro fine mesh filter which removes free floating material
¢ A steel mesh filter
¢ Calcium Sulphite (CaSO3) filter balls which remove 99% of chlorine within 0.8 seconds.
¢ NSF Certified KDF-55, which removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and reduces scale.
¢ Far-infrared Mineral Ceramic Balls which remove heavy metals and help to make water feel softer by absorbing impurities.
¢ Coconut Active Carbon which efficiently removes impurities from water such as; chlorine, chloramines, scale, THMs, VOCs, chemicals and many other contaminants.
¢ Vitamin C balls which are extremely effective at stopping chlorine, chloramines and also provides additional health benefits to skin and hair.
¢ A Polypropylene Cotton layer which is a tightly wound cotton filter material which is so tightly bound that as water passes through it, it will physically trap and remove foreign particles. Which assists with scale removal.

The new type shower filter cartridges retrofit into PureShowers.co.uk's range of Slim Line Shower Filters and Compact Shower Filters that the company has been retailing since 2008 “ so customers can simply swap their old cartridges for this new type of cartridge.

They last up to 12 months and can be purchased directly from PureShowers.co.uk on their website.


Contact: Ty Lee
Company Name: PureShowers.co.uk
Website: https://www.pureshowers.co.uk

For Immediate Release
About the Company:
Established in 2008, PureShowers.co.uk is the premiere shower filter online store in the UK. Specialising exclusively in water filters for the bathroom, they have sold hundreds of thousands of shower and bathroom filters to many thousands of satisfied customers.
High Res. Images and Samples available on request


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