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Two creations presented on a new type of fabric strap made especially for Prospex diver’s watches.

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Two creations presented on Seiko's first fabric straps made for the sea.

Ever since Seiko's first diver's watch was introduced in 1965, the company has continuously pushed back the boundaries of what diver's watches can offer. Today, Seiko introduces in the Prospex collection two modern re-interpretations of landmark timepieces from 1965 and 1970 that are presented on special fabric straps designed and manufactured expressly for diver's use. The two watches strike the perfect balance of design and function and embody the innovative spirit for which Seiko's diver's watchmaking is renowned.

Seichu. A traditional braiding technique from Japan.

The Seichu braiding delivers both strength and comfort.

The fabric straps incorporate a traditional braiding technique from Japan called Seichu. Their rich texture and color complexion are familiar in Japanese culture for their use in fabric designs, as seen in a traditional œobijime, the decorative cord that holds a Kimono sash in its place. The straps present a uniquely Japanese aesthetic and texture and are specially manufactured to have a tensile strength nearly four times that of regular Seiko fabric straps*. Their strength and resistance to degradation caused by exposure to sunlight, meet the demanding standards of Seiko's diver's watches and are perfect for use under water. In addition, thanks to its unique braiding pattern, the straps have the flexibility and air permeability that ensure maximum comfort on the wrist.

*based on research conducted by Seiko.

The straps carry the same symbol as the watches, as a sign of their durability.

The 1965 and 1970 diver's re-imagined in contemporary style.

The dial and strap colors enhance the modern feel of the two re-interpretations.

Both creations share the same design and specifications as the 1965 and 1970 modern re-interpretations introduced last year in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Seiko's first diver's watch. The brown dial and bezel of the 1965 re-interpretation and the textured gray dial of the 1970 re-interpretation perfectly harmonize with the earth color tones of their fabric straps. Both creations are offered with an alternative fabric strap of a different color that can easily be interchanged without any tools, thanks to the watch's strap structure.

The look of yesterday but the specifications of today. 

The watches are powered by the tried and trusted Caliber 6R35 that delivers a power reserve of 70 hours and are 200m water resistant. The curved sapphire crystal is treated with an antireflective coating on the inner surface, and the indexes, hour, minute and seconds hands are coated with Lumibrite of a specially faded vintage color matching the earthy tones of the dial and straps.

Both watches will take their place in the mainstream Prospex collection. The 1965 re-interpretation and the 1970 re-interpretation will be available at the Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide in June and July 2021, respectively.


About the original 1965 and 1970 Diver's watches.

The 1965 Diver's Watch

Known to fans as the 62MAS, the 1965 diver's watch incorporated an automatic mechanical caliber and delivered 150m water resistance. The watch was designed for maximum reliability and legibility in the harshest conditions and proved its reliability when used in the Antarctic during the 60s and laid the path to the development of future landmark watches.

The 1970 Diver's Watch

Five years after the introduction of Seiko's, and Japan's first diver's watch in 1965, Seiko introduced the 1970 diver's, whose asymmetrical extension protected the crown at the four o'clock position. Its solid construction, luminous hands and indexes and 150 meter water resistance were perfect for those who required a timepiece with exceptional strength and visibility. The watch proved its reliability in extreme conditions when it was worn by the Japanese adventurer, Naomi Uemura, in the years 1974 to 1976 when he completed a 12,500km solo dog-sled run from Greenland to Alaska.

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