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Pia Gladys Peréy Names Top 10 Colors of the Year for Bridesmaids

Posted 03 Jan-2022 12:30 PM by Smith | 481

 Global bridal designer Pia Gladys Peréy is the go-to authority for brides looking for stunning, complementary dresses for their bridesmaids. Peréy introduces the Top 10 colors for bridesmaids in 2022 using Pantone® colors for reference. 

Top of the list for Spring/Summer 2022 is Very Peri (17-3938). Pantone® Color of the Year. "When I see Very Peri," says Peréy, "I am imbued with a sense of royalty, luxury, and power. It is a return to a bygone elegance and an inspiration for what lies ahead."

Spun Sugar (Pantone® 12-4401 TCX) comes in a close second. Peréy describes it as an "Ethereal, serene, and playful color."

Gossamer Pink (Pantone® 13-1513 TCX) is a departure from nudes in previous years. It brings a "feminine, youthful essence," says Peréy, "it's a color of love."

Innuendo (Pantone® 18-2042 TCX) inspires "cheerful harmony," Peréy shares, "an unexpected mix of red and blue with a touch of green. This shade of pink-red steps out of an abundant garden and is truly a show stopper."

Daffodil (Pantone® 14-0850 TCX) rounds out the Top Five for Spring/Summer 2022. A dynamic spark of color. "Laughter and sunshine," Peréy notes, "with the depth of rebirth and spirituality."

Fall/Winter 2022 ushers in new colors with the changing of the seasons. 

Aubergine Gleam (Pantone® 20--0124 TPM), a deep shade of magenta, evokes "a sense of Noblesse oblige. Distinguished, cultivated, and brings forth compassion and sensitivity," says Peréy.

Blue Surf (Pantone® 15-5106 TCX) is a soft blue with a hint of green and a light touch of warm red. "A cool, Fall morning walk on the beach," Peréy reminisces, "evocative of tranquility, flow, and softness."

Pale Mauve (Pantone® 15-1607 TCX) suggestive of previous seasons' lavender, Pale Mauve is enhanced with a subtle warm touch of red. Peréy comments, "I lean into words like devotion, purity, and youth when I think of Pale Mauve."

Birch (Pantone® 13-0905 TCX) says Peréy, "is a sacred tree in Celtic mythology, symbolizing new beginnings, rebirth, and growth." A sophisticated, warm, creamy pastel, with touches of yellow, magenta, and black.

Evergreen (Pantone® 19-5420 TCX) is a dark shade of green-cyan. "I imagine walking through an ancient forest," Peréy notes, "you feel the majesty - a timeless, eternal strength."

About"Pia Gladys Peréy

Pia Gladys Peréy (PGP) is the go-to label for glamorous pieces with a romantic flair. Favored by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, and Demi Lovato, PGP has been captured on the red carpets of the Golden Globes, Grammys, The Emmys, American Music Awards, Cannes Film Festival, as well, featured in Vogue Italia, Brides, Cosmo Bride, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, and more. 

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