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Meet Young Boy Ishaan Bahl Made To Top Of The 300 List Of Youth Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

Posted 04 Jul-2022 08:35 AM by jon | 699

Meet this young boy ' Ishaan Bahl ' who made to top 300 list of Youth Entrepreneurs Worldwide, starting his business with nothing and gaining multiple profits with different business platforms , Not just him but helping others to grow their businesses too, just by promoting them on major platforms and increasing their profits. 

Starting from trading crypto, affiliate marketing and making NFT's. He made total of 7 NFT's 3 with his own copyrights and other 4 collaborated and now getting into " IGNITE PLUG MEDIA " . 
In a conversation with Mr. Ishaan we got to knew about his future plans too. 
According to him the following company or agency you say so called " IGNITE PLUG MEDIA " is working since       3 years and getting into spotlight the following year 2022 , shows his persistence, time and hard work he gave to  " IGNITE PLUG MEDIA " a dream for many. Ignite plug"s media will be launched officially in few upcoming months which is gonna be intresting as fact this is a different kind of a project. A logo with an eagle and multiple green signs shows multiple metaverse collective and you can even get your NFT's from their website in most simple way by just trading and you can even design them. Ignite Plug Media is not just a NFT platform but a marketing agency too it helps small start up and brands to grow on large scale and make them enough capable to own masters and profits . The following has worked with more than 150+ brands till now and seeking a hype in the market.

Getting into top 300 list of YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS isn't that easy at this young age and inspiring others to do same.
Hope we see more of ishaan bahl's work and see him and "IGNITE PLUG MEDIA" grow. 
An article by - johnstew cas
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