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The DogekingClub a platform for all Dogecoin fans

Posted 31 Aug-2021 10:35 PM by Christian | 1143

The DogekingClub a platform for all Dogecoin fans

It has become a bit quieter around the Dogecoin community since the price of the cryptocurrency has moved away from the all-time high.
If you observe the various groupings that have formed around the cryptocurrency (Dogearmy, Doge fans as well as various 
Celebrities like Elon Musk, Snoop Dog etc.) it quickly becomes clear that while they all have one goal, Dogecoin to the Moon, they lack 
missing a symbol that connects them all.
And exactly for this purpose Christian B., Kornelia S., Sebastian E. and Simon M. got together and founded the 

The founders:
It was 6 months ago when these 4 people mentioned above met and spent an afternoon together.
Since they were all big Dogecoin fans, the topic came up quickly that there are many Dogecoin fans and groups but 
lacked a symbol that unites them all.
And so it was relatively quickly clear that only a ring came into question as a symbol.
No other symbol combines all the qualities such as cohesion, love and loyalty.
A sheet of paper was quickly at hand, and so the first sketch of this ring was drawn.
Since Simon M. is a goldsmith, they managed to create something very special.
And so the Dogekingsclub was founded.
Now 6 months later it is finished, and one thing can be said already.
What these 4 have developed and created leaves you breathless.

The Exclusive Dogecoin Ring:

Dogecoin Fan Ring made of 925 St. Silver with 4 diamonds.

This "symbol" is considered since ancient times as a symbol of connection, togetherness, unity and loyalty.... exactly what
what distinguishes the Dogecoin community ....
This powerful Dogecoin ring wows at first sight. The solid, handmade ring made of 925 sterling silver is set with
4 small, but very high quality and expressive diamonds.
Due to the detailed motifs and the targeted oxidation of the 925 St. silver, the piece of jewelry becomes an incomparable
accessory for the owner. The blackened backgrounds make the details stand out even more.
In addition, the most important motifs and sayings of the community have been incorporated.
The "Shiba" as well as "To The Moon" and of course "Much Wow" are included down to the smallest detail.
It shows the intimate connection with the hottest cryptocurrency / community in the world.
This ring just stands out, but that's exactly what you'd expect from a "King Ring".
Lots of fun and joy are guaranteed when you wear this ring on your finger.

Extra solid finish,
stylish look with blackened background,
Clean workmanship,
Top quality from the silversmiths of Tenerife.

- Metal : 925 sterling silver with stamp.
- Antique oxidized, nickel free!
- Diamonds 4 pieces 0.9 mm (the highest quality)

Weight of the ring: 33-36 grams
Depending on the size

The Club:

The exclusive fan ring is made personally for each individual.
There is even the possibility that you add your personal touch.
Production time is about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the volume of orders that come in.
This is also the reason why only 200 pieces are offered for sale at a time.
Please remember that this is 100% handmade.
The first 200 pieces will be offered at production price, and it is almost certain that the next ones will be sold at a higher price.

From time to time, a portion of the proceeds will also be donated to charity. The founders have not forgotten what
DOGE stands for (Do Only Good Everyday).

With the purchase of the ring, each customer receives a certificate of authenticity, on which there is a QR code.
If this is scanned, one automatically comes to the Hall of Fame, where all buyers are immortalized with their name.
Customers also receive an access code to the closed members' area.
There is, everyone who has access has the possibility to upload pictures or videos or just to get in contact with other buyers.
Since it is very likely that one or the other celebrity among the buyers to be found is, this member area is not public. Thus, the privacy remains guaranteed.

I think these 4 have hit the nerve of the time, and it will probably be a great success.
Just then, when the Dogecoin turns again in the positive direction and approaches the all-time high again will be
there will be a lot of people who not only want to make profits, but also want to show the world what they made it with.
And what better way to do that than with a ring!
We can be curious which names will be on the list after a few months.

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