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Budget Air Supply’s Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee Equal Big Savings for Customers

Posted 25 Mar-2021 07:33 AM by Butch | 843

Davenport, FL: Some industries can be known by the cult of mystique or the stereotypes that surround them. For example, in the heating and cooling industry, one's experience might lend him or her to making assumptions about the lack of responsiveness of suppliers or their willingness to extort exorbitant prices for last-minute maintenance. These bad experiences don't typify all players in the industry, but they are significant enough to mold a supposition.

Then again, some key players in those same industries may become noteworthy for the fact that they break those very molds. Budget Air Supply, out of Davenport, Florida, has been redefining good customer service and best practices in HVAC since 2008.

They might be a relatively new player on the scene, but their consistent success and strong growth were no happy accident at all. In an industry where it was customary to provide spotty, incomplete feedback to customer queries that was not at all timely, Budget Air Supply's customer service team set a new beat by providing stellar customer service.

Their customers can turn to them with queries regarding specific systems and units and expect timely and well-informed feedback that answers their questions completely. Customers who come to them in search of a Rheem 2.5 ton air conditioner or another 1.5 ton AC unit can expect timely and thorough answers.

It is not customer service alone that defines Budget Air Supply as head-and-shoulders above the competition. The company also instituted a commitment to providing the best prices across the board. Their inventory, which spans packaged air conditioners to air handlers, heat pumps and gas furnaces, is covered by a price match guarantee that provides their customers with the lowest prices in the industry.

Budget Air Supply has taken this one step further - one critical step further. They have instituted a practice of providing free shipping to their customers. Anyone familiar with this industry will also be familiar with the fact that shippers typically charge extremely high prices to ship these units, as they are cumbersome, large, heavy and fragile. The shipper or the distributor usually requires the customer to absorb these costs. Budget Air Supply does not.

Budget Air Supply is unique in the industry for its timely and efficient customer service as well as for its low price guarantee, but their free shipping - which is also much faster than the competition - really defines them. It significantly improves the customer experience, raises customer satisfaction, and ultimately, helps them save a significant amount of money on Rheem air conditioning units, Goodman AC units, furnaces, heat pumps, split systems and packages.

Customers who wish to learn more about Budget Air Supply's logistical infrastructure or low-price practices are asked to reach them directly for comment. Please forward all questions, comments or concerns to Budget Air Supply at info@budgetairsupply.com or contact them by phone at 855-472-6484.


Butch Jouaneau
Budget Air Supply


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