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Bengaluru, India March 25, 2021 ” Two young Indian entrepreneurs from Bengaluru have set up a website www.1crpage.com to deal with their financial crisis, which has been caused because of COVID-19 pandemic. These two had started a business in early 2020, because of pandemic and lockdown, they suffered an immense loss. To clear off the burden of debt, the site they have built offers pixels to buyers at very low, affordable onetime payment. The buyers can select the area on the website and acquire it and endorse their company or their social media handle and the website guarantees to display that content forever on the portal.

The site www.1crpage.com has 10 lakh (1 million) pixels where the cost of one pixel is Rs.10 (USD $0.14 approx.). The buyers have to acquire a block of pixels wherein one block of pixel contains 100 pixels and the price of one block is Rs.1000 (USD $14 approx.). The total blocks available for acquisition are 10000.

Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people all around the world, these two young entrepreneurs Mr. Utkarsh Naik (27) and Mr. Vivek Ghadi (27) have come up with this creative idea to tackle the problem they are facing. The advertisement portals charge money to endorse the content for a limited amount of time, but the website www.1crpage.com offers to exhibit the content forever and engraves your name and the URL you provide on the site. The site has a limited number of blocks of pixels, so it is based on a first come, first served basis.

The creators of the 1crpage, Vivek Ghadi (27) and Utkarsh Naik (27) from Bengaluru, India, faced huge loss in business because of COVID-19 pandemic which started from mid-March here in India. As Gov of India announced lockdown a large number of businesses across India have riddled with debt or are closed. Vivek said that an enormous debt spurred him into action: œI would rather not die with debt, so we decided to think of a way to make money before banks starts taking legal actions.

Despite their site having only been online for a week, Utkarsh claims they already made Rs.28000/- (USD $385.64 approx.) although he admits he sold 1000 pixels to his friend Ajinkya, who runs a resort in Goa.

Ajinkya (27), commented, œI knew Utkarsh would pester me about it, but if it catches peoples attention, then it's worth having my logo on there. They believe that over time the pixels will offer good value because the page will be kept online as long as they live. œIt will be like an internet time capsule. Once all the pixels are bought, the page will never change, Utkarsh explained. Asked what they will do with any leftover cash should they reach their Rupees 1 crore (USD $138K approx.) target, they said, œafter covering the cost of our debt and taxes we would like to pay for our business expansion ideas which are already in pipeline.

Find out more about Vivek Ghadi and Utkarsh Naik and their 1 crore worth page at https://1crpage.com


Contact: contact@1crpage.com

Instagram: @1crpage

Twitter: @1Crpage


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