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RMail Humanizes E-Security in RPost’s Year-End Update

Posted 30 Nov-2021 04:07 PM by RPost | 1028

November 11, 2021 “ Los Angeles, CA

Now, Empower Email, Protect from Mental Mishaps, and Control Content Lifecycle All-in-One with RMail

Building on RMail's traditional features, designed to empower email all in one app “ to track, prove, and certify email opening and delivery, encrypt for easy-to-use privacy and compliance, share large files securely, send for recipient e-signature, and protect against the most sophisticated business email compromise impostor attacks “ this major release of RMail delves into solving today's most challenging e-security issues related to human behavior.

œContinued innovation by cybercriminals in hatching new malicious attacks demands multi-layered email security to protect people and organizations. Pleased to see RPost infusing new artificial intelligence protections into its RMail email security product. RPost's five new unique approaches mitigate the risk of human error and assure security and privacy compliance while offering an elegant user experience, states Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, one of the world's leading e-security and messaging technology analysts.

Some of the most popular new features reported by RMail business users include:

 1. Protection from Mental Mishaps.

In polls conducted recently in RPost webinars for both Florida Bar lawyers and insurance agents, one third of lawyers and two thirds of insurance agents indicated that, after sending an email, they wished it had been sent encrypted (securely).

RMail Recommends„¢ AI-infused data leak protection solves this problem of having e-security technology that users forget to use. RMail Recommends runs inside the Microsoft Outlook user interface and uses advanced AI to detect in-the-moment of sending email, whether or not the sender should be applying extra protections for that message, and if so, recommending which to apply (i.e., encrypt, track, prove) and then sending in that manner. Because this happens in the sender's normal email interface, as an added benefit to IT and compliance staff, it automatically sensitizes (trains) end users of their need to treat certain messages differently; and for example, encrypting if so.

In that same poll, when asked whether users had mis-addressed important email (sent to the wrong person accidentally), three quarters of insurance agents and two thirds of lawyers admitted having fallen prey to this mishap.

RMail's Right Recipient„¢ data shield AI alerts the sender when RMail determines that he or she is about to send sensitive information to a recipient who he or she has not sent sensitive information in the recent past “ so the sender can re-verify that they addressed the email to the proper recipient. RMail learns over time, auto-adapting to user behavior, and in combination with other RMail services, can also remind the user to additionally send that message encrypted, for e-signature, or as a Registered Email„¢ message after the user re-verifies the intended recipient addresses are correct.

œWith more critical information being sent by email today, more time pressures in business, and more distractions with a hybrid work environment, more human mistakes are made, adds Volker Sommerfeld from Frama AG Switzerland, a global RPost service provider. œSending to wrong recipients is an increasing threat as common email clients suggest email addresses automatically and senders often do not verify them. RMail's new Right Recipient„¢ address verifier really gets it right, providing the extra security in a user-elegant manner.

2. Control Content Lifecycle.

 Furthermore, two-thirds of insurance agents and half of lawyer poll respondents reported that they have been concerned after seeing their sensitive email content come back to them in a reply email thread.

The problem, as explained, is that they sent a message encrypted only to be surprised when the recipient simply replies with a œThanks! Got it message ” not thinking that their (presumably) unencrypted reply contained personal or financial information in the email thread. And even worse, to save them time, emailers often keep going to the prior email and re-replying to it with each reply re-exposing the sensitive information.

This RMail update now includes email content controls, which make it seamless for a sender to make certain information in a message that they send disappear after it has been read or received at the recipient.

RMail's new Disappearing Ink„¢ and Redact+„¢ features protect the email thread by automatically extracting parts of a message and applying sender-designated email content controls to those message parts after sending, after reading, or while at the recipient.

RMail's new Registered Encryption„¢ feature provides the sender visibility around whether the sent email was in fact delivered encrypted from the sender's desktop to the recipient's inbox. It can record whether the email was sent to remain encrypted inside the recipient's inbox while the message is at rest; and can prove if needed “ with an auditable and authenticatable record “ that the sender did transmit specific content in their message end-to-end encrypted. This provides not only sender assurance, confidence, and peace-of-mind, but it also provides compliance staff audit-ready proof of compliance and IT staff early warnings if a server somewhere in the email path is misconfigured from a security perspective.

œThese and other newly released RMail features are designed to help companies mitigate the risk of human error, which opens up a vector for criminals to bring on ransomware, wire transfer fraud and other problems, imposing their sophisticated chaos on today's businesses, adds RPost CEO, Zafar Khan. œAnd best of all, RPost made it instant and easy to install RMail in your main email programs. Click here to download the free RMail for Outlook app which includes these features.

About RPost

A global leader in e-signatures and cybersecurity, RPost has been specializing in email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signatures, legal e-delivery proof, rights management, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors. Millions of users have enjoyed RPost's patented RMail e-security, RSign e-signature, and Registered Email„¢ platforms since 2000. Our customers include some of the world's most respected brands across industry and geography. Learn more at RPost.


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