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CPR My Business: Back to Life Promotion

Posted 05 May-2021 05:25 PM by Diane | 549

Our small business community is at an all-time decline it's all over Washington and in many publications of major news outlets like Forbes, CNN, and Washington Post.

Here in Florida, alone over 50,000 businesses have closed and some will never reopen. This is due to so many reasons which go beyond COVID-19 although it was and is a major piece of the puzzle.

Even so, many small business owners don't have an online presence and never had a website or FaceBook page or any Social Media for their business. Some don't have a clue on how to even begin to start this path; which is why more than 60% of businesses will not re-open.

These are simple facts and realities that exist and have been proven by reputable outlets and news media. However, Next Level Bound Workshops Inc is here to perform CPR to those businesses and bring their business back to life. We wanted to create a program that would work to help small businesses not only to re-open, keep the doors open and take the thought of closing away; but remain open so as long as they use the tools and resources that are presented in our new program.

What is included?
So much is included in this program for the length of 6-months that the value really becomes priceless.
· 1. Branding and Marketing; including sales campaigns and websites (SEO).
· 2. Websites Building; getting you on the web and out of the brick and martyr
· 3. Business Planning; helping you to reshape and become more innovative
· 4. Business Financial Management; helping you to see the errors of how maybe poor money management may have played a role in how we became in the current situation.
· 6. Crisis Budget Plan; this will address the issue of not being found in a handout situation again.
· 7. Business Needs Evaluation; looking at your business to find out what it needs to make it better or what to do to make it work in our current situation.
· 8. Group Counseling Session; we will tackle the core issues through private group sessions with our peers. This will help us get out those frustrations, face the fears, deal with the issues and understand the problems. We will walk away feeling renewed and rejuvenated, energized to do better, ready to run in the way of success.
· 9. Re-start Check List; doing this will help us ensure that we have taken all we have learned and applied it. We will have set ourselves up for no errors with this checklist.
· 10. Re-Launch Campaign; sending a message to our customer/client base that we are back and we have plans to do a re-launch and a re-grand opening.
· 11. Investments/IRA/Health/HSA; We will deal with the poverty issues that retrained us from being able to have what we needed as business owners.
· 12. Re-Grand Opening; we will tackle the lack of support and support one another as each participant will have a night in the same month to have their Grand Re-Opening.
There is no way that you will find all of this awesome information, tools, resources, hands-on training, workshops, and/or literature anywhere.


How will the program work?
· Interview: We will first interview each participant who would like to apply, asking that they bring in their deposit with them as we will not accept the deposit until we accept the participant. We will be ensuring that each participant is what we are looking for based upon the needs of each participant as well as if this program is for them.

· Welcome Group Meeting: We will do a welcome group meeting which will take place after we have finalized and made direct contact with each participant to advise them that they have been accepted in the program using the expected criteria required. During which time if the deposit has not been paid then we will collect during that time.

· Submissions of Applications for different parts of the program: We will start by tackling immediately after and/or during the Welcome Meeting, the applications for different facets of the program that will be required in order for the program to work in its' entirety.

· Discovering the Why: Group Session 1, 2, and 3: This group session can be done virtually or in-person but is required as part of the process. We all have to be open and honest with ourselves first and then others. We need to be able to cope with our stress levels as a business owner. Being able to handle our personal and business life without colliding is a hard thing without being clear-minded.
· Business Needs Evaluation: We will meet with each participant to determine or verify the needs of the business. This will allow us to figure out what you need but also how far in the program we should take you. This helps us to manage the time we spend on each participant correctly.

· Workshop Series: We will have a series of workshops that will help with going from brick and martyr to being online no matter what type of business you may have. Being able to understand how to do something is the first step. Some include but not limited to:
o Business Planning
o Business Financial Management
o Crisis Budget Planning and etc.

· Group Gathering: We will meet together in one place physically at least 3 times in the course of the 6 months for team building outings that will be paid for by Next Level Bound Workshops Inc. We will also meet for open discussions virtually at least 3 times during the 6-month process.
· Tell Me More: We will have 2 days (4hrs) of Lectures from prominent professionals in their field of expertise to speak with us physically and virtually about subjects such as (but not limited to):
o Investments/IRA/Health Insurance/HSA/Whole Life Insurance
o Website Building and etc.

· Individual Private Sessions: Although we will have Group Private Sessions we will also have private counseling sessions as periodically needed for your benefit. Please understand that in no way are we looking to have you diagnosed, labeled, or by any other means of medical determination or form that can come only from a psychologist or psychiatrist of which we have neither. Therefore, we aren't going to be offering any medical advice or medically related advice that can be then connected to any symptom of a medical prognosis or diagnosis. We do want to be clear that we aren't medically certified by any medical board of certifications to do such things and have no intent in doing so. The private sessions are only to help counsel you by listening to you, providing you additional help if needed, and ensuring that you are mentally in good health and if not then we will refer you to the appropriate medical professionals.

· Process of Re-Opening or re-branding: We will help you as we start the process of re-branding for the new market and starting the re-opening process. We will plan and market your business re-opening and re-branding strategy which will obtain your clientele/customers.

· Final stage: At this point, we will meet with the group in a physical location to celebrate the accomplishments they have made. Presenting certificates and awards for persevering through the challenges and meeting their goals and expectations. One of the awards that Next Level Bound Workshops will be proud of is so amazing and will leave each participant in tears at the very thought that we took the liberty of doing such things.

· Overall, this program is projected to be a 6-month process that will be broken into simple steps.

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