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Title: Petrichor, Author: Ash Gabrieli

Posted 05 May-2021 08:33 AM by Diane | 445

Synopsis: Julia Williams has an ordinary life, which is nothing like the drama which her peers are going through.

In a month, she will have a long-awaited move to college, a new life, and new acquaintances.

One rainy day, out of habit, Julia decides to lock herself in the library and pick a new book for reading.

Unexpectedly, she discovers a diary on one of the top bookshelves of the library, which makes her go to her mother to get answers.




œPlease, don't follow the trend of œplaying it safe. Trust people and love hard. Yes, there can be people who may break your heart. It's okay. Let it happen! At least that feeling also makes us feel alive, be alive. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œWe read the book with our souls, but we look at reality with our eyes. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œWhen you start thinking that it will not get worse, it becomes lousier than it ever was. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œI wish we had œhuman quality scanners on our eyes set by default. Can you imagine how easier our lives would be? 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œIn the whole world, only the English language gives the most accurate and clear description of a woman. Only one word defines our whole being. That is œFemale. The first two letters œFe, coming from the Latin word Ferrum, in the periodic table indicate iron, and œmale means man. œFemale because our gender is as solid as iron. We can go through the fire, water, endless trials, but remain as strong as before. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œSometimes even the bravest hearts become vulnerable when it comes to love. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œYou can't imagine how much I want to plunge into infinity with you and stay there forever. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œI just don't get it. How does it happen, those good people let unworthy ones into their lives? Why can't we just leave those people who are made out of trash? We are not a recycling company for God's sake. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œRemember that love is a compromise, but never let this compromise turn into a one-sided sacrifice. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor


œPeople often do not value beautiful things around them, and there is no more common thing in the world than human ingratitude. 

• Ash Gabrieli, Petrichor

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