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Ways To Get Your Business Out of a Rut

Posted 16 May-2020 03:10 PM by Smith | 1428

Setting targets, ambitious objectives, and designing strategies for the year is common to marketers. The task of mapping out a yearly marketing or sales goal is ideally an easy task, but can feel like pulling teeth to get oneself, a team or department to carry out. With that being said, what happens when your team gets into a rut?

Cut yourself a little loose, first of all. Whether you're a team of marketers managing or doing it all yourself, what you need is some real and fun tactics to get you and your team out of the rut and into the glorious and glittering future of the well-oiled development machine.

Here are a few ways to get your business out of a rut:


Whether it's setting up a meeting with another internal agency, reaching out to suppliers for a quote, setting a schedule, or any number of other items that can serve as a starting point, getting around to doing so! Most of the time, falling into the throes of corporate objectives or marketing strategies begins when we get too' macro' in our thinking and fail to look at the' small tasks' that will finally lead us to our main target, due date or completion of the campaign.


Thinking about delegation before any of the other main elements of project execution may seem a little retrograde; it takes someone else to delegate a job to get things finished and make progress on a project. We're a tiny marketing startup, for example, which means everyone in our team needs to be ON IT all the time. This management style gives us some versatility but also means we don't have plenty of time to think things over or brainstorm new ideas without getting anyone to keep us accountable. In reality, transparency is the most valuable asset in the implementation process of the project.


If you are having trouble establishing clear steps to get a large project or campaign, either sit down with your team or put someone in charge of timeline management, create contact points for the project and map out needs, responsible parties, and deliverables. Project mapping may seem like an obvious step; it's a step that is often overlooked, glossed over, or ignored, ultimately causing a project to get help at a crucial stage of execution.


Funny as it may seem“especially with all the seminars and team retreats out there these days “ brainstorm big ideas or creative ways to develop and execute a marketing idea doesn't happen all that much. Teams or customers often have a hard thought of how a marketing project should be done, and just plug project players into spots. But, if the owner or the leader of the company can take the time and find the humility to allow their team to come up with plans to carry out the achievable marketing goals together, the outcome is often much better. This is also a great way to get out of the marketing process with your team.


Some may have a hard time allowing others to do their job without constant supervision, but this only hurts you, your teammates, and the outcome of the marketing project” especially if it requires creative thinking. For optimum performance, all managers must learn this lesson-some learn it the hard way. By holding the project, team, or task to a close, you do not allow for new ideas, alternative ways of doing things, and ultimately create instability and apathy within your department or company. The exact outcome of your project may not be what you originally intended, but if you want to make progress and get away from marketing, you need to let go and trust the process!


Once the project, campaign, or tactics is complete, it's easy to leave it and move on to the next project. But if you can find the time to go back through the steps, you will find lessons learned from the mistakes made, the team dynamics observed, and opportunities for future planning that would not be revealed if left and abandoned at the finish line. Just as a runner needs to review their races to see where they can improve, you and your team need to consider your process periodically to make sure each of you is growing. This can be done with a short survey or a recap meeting after the project. Don't skimp on this step, either way. It's going to return to bite your brand!

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