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Almost half of all website traffic starts with an organic search. With the help of SEO, you can make sure that your press release reaches your target audience. You can then generate more brand awareness and organic traffic on your site. Else you will miss out on the chance to reach potential customers online.

In this guide we will give you the tips to boost SEO with stress-free press releases. A stronger search engine ranking will help you generate more leads and sales.

The advantages of press release SEO

 Before we get on to how to boost SEO with press releases let us have a look at the benefits of the same.

  1. Improved Brand Visibility: If potential customers are unaware of the existence of your company, then they won't make any purchase from you. Thus boosting your brand visibility helps in the growth of  brand awareness and recognition over time.

With press release SEO, you can reach the top of search engine ranking and get viewed by users. Consumers will notice your page before your competitors.

  1. Earn Backlinks: When you boost SEO with press releases, it helps in backlink generation. It is one of the top-ranking factors for top search engines like Google. Thus without backlink, you won't have a good ranking. So boosting SEO with press releases helps you improve your ranking, generate more traffic on your website and boost your business.
  2. Referral Traffic: You can gain more referral traffic when you improve your ranking with press releases. It helps your search engine ranking rise even more. People are encouraged to share your content and your reach continues to increase, leading to better brand visibility.
  3. Leads and sales generation: When you boost SEO using PR then it attracts more traffic to your business website. It gives you the chance to generate more leads. With a strong call to action language, you can convert these visitors into sales. As a result your ROI also increases.

Steps to boost SEO with press release

With a proper understanding of the benefits of boosting SEO with a press release, we can discuss the steps to do it.

 Firstly, you should start with proper research of your target audience. It will help you determine what content your investors and customers want from you. Then you can create content that appeals to them.

Secondly, take the time to do proper keyword research. It helps you determine the keywords that your audience uses on search engines. You can then use the main keywords to optimize your page.

Thirdly, you should create content with the keyword in mind instead of filling your entire content with it. The keyword should appear at specific location of your content:


     Title of the Press Release

     Opening and Closing paragraph of your content.

     Body Text

     Image alt Text

     Meta Description.

You should not overcrowd your content with the same keyword. Instead, you should use secondary keywords and synonyms throughout your content.

Fourthly, for your press release, you should use attention-grabbing headlines. It would make people stick around to read it and keep a low bounce rate.

If the bounce rate is high then it shows that people are not interested in your content. Thus it will make boosting SEO with press release a hard work.

Finally, add optimized images and videos in your press release as that too helps improve your ranking.

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Why should you boost SEO with a press release?

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