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We all have noticed a sharp change in marketing trends and practices over the past few years. Companies have shifted their operations towards digitization, and traditional marketing is replaced by SEO( Search engine optimization). Press Release SEO is a technique where company optimize their product and services on google to get higher reach, and as a result more conversion ratio. SEO is a broad term, and effective utilization of it can change the company's reputation and help build more reach across the globe. 

Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO?

Since the operations are vast, different departments work collectively to build a good brand and market well. One of them is PR. They play a crucial role in the whole process and help increase productivity gradually. Press Release Power is a company that produces the best PR Wire services and makes your content go viral. 

Lets us understand in more detail. There are three pillars of SEO that applies to all the activities related to optimization:


1.     Content: Often known as king in the marketing world, the content should always be the top priority and provide relevant solutions to the people. Your content should reflect your company's objective and help people. 

2.     Technicalities: You have made your content best and believe that the problem will get solved and have a good reach. But if your site is not optimized and search engines can't crawl it properly, what is the use of making the content? There should be an appropriate URL structure, Metadata, and the page load time should be user-friendly to make the user stick to your site. 

3.     Hyperlinks: Are you putting links to other web pages so that people will get knowledgeable information out of it? Link building will drive more traffic to your page and increase productivity.

How to optimize your PR to get more reach on search engines? Let us understand it deeply 


  • Always ask for a link 

This is one of the most important steps for optimizing the webpage. Make sure to include the link in the articles written about your brand. Backlinks should be added in the article by the Press Release Distribution to make the reach wider. 

  • Structure your links the right way when pitching 

 Placing your link appropriately decides the reach of your product and service. If the article talks about video games, there should be anchor text related to that particular video game to make it go viral. Most of the campaigns fail just because they don't place the backlinks properly. 


  • High Domain Authority is the key 

The domain authority plays a vital role in ranking your website and increasing reach. The higher the domain authority score the higher algorithm will make the site more visible in the search engines. Make sure you choose the right domain that reflects your products and services. 


  • Collaborate with the Marketing team

. Work strategically with the marketing team to get the most out of the campaign. Make an appropriate STP model, generate backlinks and use relevant keywords to earn the highest social media coverage. It is always better to double down your team efforts and increase productivity. 


  • Video Marketing 

 Video marketing is the next-gen technology that can help your product or service stand out from the crowd and make it more attractive in the market. According to research Youtube is the second most searched website and making the right use of the platform will lead you to better places.