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Top News Channels in India by TRP

In the vast and diverse landscape of Indian media, news channels hold a special place. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India's news channels play a pivotal role in disseminating information, influencing public opinion, and shaping the nation's discourse. Television Rating Points (TRP) serve as a barometer of a channel's popularity and viewership. In this article, we delve into the top news channels in India based on TRP ratings, shedding light on the factors that contribute to their success. It's important to note that these rankings and ratings may have evolved since our last knowledge update in September 2021, but this article offers insights into the Indian media landscape as it stood at that time.

Republic TV

Republic TV, founded by Arnab Goswami, has consistently been among the top news channels in India by TRP. Known for its fiery debates and strong editorial stance, Republic TV has garnered a significant viewership. It covers a wide range of topics, from politics and social issues to sports and entertainment.

Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak, a part of the India Today Group, is one of the most-watched Hindi news channels in India. It has maintained its popularity for years and is known for its credible reporting, breaking news coverage, and a wide array of programs catering to diverse audiences.

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Zee News

Zee News, owned by the Essel Group, is a prominent Hindi news channel known for its extensive coverage of national and international news. With a focus on breaking news and in-depth analysis, Zee News has secured a strong viewership.

India TV

India TV, led by Rajat Sharma, is known for its engaging news presentation and talk shows. It has consistently ranked among the top news channels in India. India TV covers a broad spectrum of topics and is particularly popular for its prime-time debates.

Times Now

Times Now, part of the Times Network, is a 24x7 English news channel known for its comprehensive reporting and incisive analysis. It caters to a diverse viewership and has a substantial following, especially among English-speaking audiences.

News18 India

News18 India, formerly known as IBN7, is a Hindi news channel that has successfully captured the attention of viewers across the country. With a focus on impartial reporting and a variety of programs, it has maintained a strong TRP rating.

India Today TV

India Today TV is another prominent English news channel, part of the India Today Group. It offers a mix of breaking news, current affairs, and in-depth analysis. India Today TV's insightful reporting has earned it a significant viewership.

CNBC Awaaz

CNBC Awaaz is India's leading business news channel. While primarily focusing on economic and financial news, it also covers political developments and other current affairs. Its unique blend of business reporting and general news has garnered a dedicated viewership.


News24, owned by the B.A.G Network, is a Hindi news channel known for its dynamic reporting and diverse programming. It provides news, debates, and features on a wide range of subjects, contributing to its popularity.

NDTV India

NDTV India is a Hindi news channel under the NDTV group umbrella. It has consistently maintained a loyal viewership with its comprehensive news coverage, debates, and documentaries. NDTV India is known for its commitment to quality journalism.

Factors Influencing News Channel TRP Ratings

Several factors influence the TRP ratings of news channels in India:

Content Quality: Channels that provide high-quality, well-researched content tend to attract more viewers. Exclusive stories and in-depth reporting can significantly impact TRP ratings.

Breaking News: Channels that break important news stories often see a surge in viewership, as audiences turn to them for real-time updates.

Prime-Time Shows: Prime-time shows, especially debates and panel discussions, are crucial for attracting viewers. Engaging debates on current topics can draw significant attention.

Anchor Personalities: Well-known and respected news anchors can have a substantial impact on a channel's popularity. Viewers often develop a connection with trusted anchors.

Editorial Stance: The editorial stance and tone of a channel can either attract or repel viewers. Some channels are known for their strong viewpoints, which can polarize their audience.

Digital Presence: News channels with a strong digital presence, including websites, social media, and streaming platforms, can extend their reach to a wider and younger audience.

Challenges Faced by News Channels in India

News channels in India face a range of challenges:

Competition: The Indian media landscape is highly competitive, with numerous news channels vying for viewers' attention. This fierce competition can make it challenging to maintain high TRP ratings.

Editorial Independence: Striking a balance between editorial independence and external pressures, including political influence, can be difficult for news channels.

Sensationalism: Some channels resort to sensationalism and hyperbolic reporting to boost ratings, which can lead to a decline in journalistic ethics.

Digital Disruption: The rise of digital news platforms and social media has disrupted traditional television news consumption patterns, requiring news channels to adapt to changing audience preferences.

News channels in India play a vital role in informing the public, influencing opinions, and holding those in power accountable. While this article provides insights into the top news channels in India by TRP as of September 2021, it's important to acknowledge that rankings and ratings may have evolved since then. Nonetheless, these channels continue to shape the nation's media landscape and contribute to the vibrant democracy of India. Staying informed through reliable news sources remains crucial in understanding the multifaceted and ever-evolving issues that shape the nation.

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