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Top Influencers in Montreal

Montreal, a vibrant and culturally diverse city in Canada, is home to a thriving community of influencers who are making their mark on various industries. From fashion and beauty to food and technology, these individuals have harnessed the power of social media to share their passion, knowledge, and creativity with the world. In this article, we will delve into the lives and work of some of the top influencers in Montreal who are shaping trends and inspiring change.

Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

Montreal's fashion scene has been greatly influenced by several talented individuals who have built their personal brands through social media. These influencers not only showcase the latest trends but also advocate for sustainable fashion and body positivity.

Camille DG (@camille_dg)

Camille DG is a renowned Montreal fashion influencer known for her impeccable style and dedication to promoting sustainable fashion choices. With a focus on thrift shopping and eco-friendly brands, she inspires her followers to make conscious fashion decisions that benefit the environment. Camille's Instagram account is a visual feast of stylish outfits, and her commitment to ethical fashion sets her apart in the world of influencers.

Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

While originally from the United States, Adam Gallagher has made Montreal his home and has a significant following within the city. As a fashion and lifestyle influencer, he shares his sophisticated sense of style and travel adventures with his followers. His well-curated Instagram feed and blog serve as a source of inspiration for men looking to up their fashion game.

Beauty and Wellness Influencers

Montreal boasts a flourishing community of beauty and wellness influencers who provide valuable insights into skincare, makeup, and overall well-being.

Melissa Merk (@melissamerk)

Melissa Merk is a beauty and lifestyle influencer known for her in-depth makeup tutorials and skincare recommendations. Her YouTube channel and Instagram account are go-to sources for beauty enthusiasts seeking tips on achieving a flawless look. Melissa's commitment to transparency and honesty in product reviews has earned her a loyal following.


MTL Vibe (@mtlvibe)

MTL Vibe, a collective of wellness influencers, is on a mission to promote mental and physical well-being in Montreal. Their Instagram account features a diverse range of wellness tips, from yoga and meditation to healthy eating and self-care practices. By creating a sense of community around wellness, MTL Vibe inspires its followers to prioritize their health.

Food and Culinary Influencers

Montreal's culinary scene is renowned for its diversity and innovation, and these influencers are at the forefront of showcasing the city's gastronomic delights.

Chuck Hughes (@chefchuckhughes)

Chuck Hughes is a celebrity chef and restaurateur whose influence extends far beyond the borders of Montreal. Known for his appearances on popular cooking shows, such as "Chuck's Day Off" and "Chuck's Eat the Street," he has played a significant role in promoting Montreal's culinary scene. His restaurants, including Garde Manger and Le Bremner, are beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Sfaita (@sfaita)

Sfaita is a dynamic food influencer who explores Montreal's diverse food culture through his Instagram account. From showcasing the city's best poutine spots to discovering hidden gems in various neighborhoods, Sfaita's content appeals to both foodies and those looking to explore Montreal's culinary landscape.

Technology and Innovation Influencers

Montreal is emerging as a hub for technology and innovation, and these influencers are at the forefront of sharing the latest developments and trends in the tech world.

Karl Conrad (@karlconrad)

Karl Conrad is a tech influencer and YouTube personality based in Montreal. With a passion for gadgets, smartphones, and all things tech, he provides informative reviews and in-depth analyses of the latest tech products. His engaging videos and honest assessments have earned him a dedicated following among tech enthusiasts.

Element AI (@element_ai)

Element AI, a Montreal-based company specializing in artificial intelligence, has made significant contributions to the tech industry. While not traditional influencers, their work has a profound impact on the development of AI technologies and their ethical use. They are at the forefront of AI research and have attracted global attention for their innovative solutions.

Montreal's influencer community encompasses a diverse range of talent, from fashionistas advocating for sustainable choices to wellness advocates promoting mental and physical health. In the realms of food and technology, influencers and innovators are shaping the city's identity on a global scale. While these influencers vary in their niches, they all share a common goal: to inspire and influence positive change in Montreal and beyond. As they continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape, Montreal's influencers will undoubtedly remain a vital force in shaping trends and inspiring a new generation of individuals seeking to make their mark on the world.

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