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Top Conservative Newspapers in the US

In a world where the media landscape is ever-evolving, newspapers remain a vital source of information, shaping public opinion and providing insight into the pressing issues of the day. In the United States, the media sphere is diverse, offering a wide range of perspectives and ideologies. While liberal newspapers often dominate headlines and discussions, there is a robust presence of conservative newspapers that cater to a significant portion of the American population. In this article, we will explore some of the top conservative newspapers in the US, examining their history, influence, and the unique perspectives they bring to the media landscape.

The Wall Street Journal

Founded in 1889, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the most well-known conservative newspapers in the United States. It has built a reputation for its in-depth financial coverage, business analysis, and conservative-leaning editorial pages. The paper has a strong commitment to free-market capitalism, limited government intervention, and pro-business policies. With a global readership, it provides insights into both domestic and international economic and political issues.

The WSJ's editorial board often supports Republican candidates and conservative policies. Its influence in the business world is undeniable, making it a must-read for professionals and investors. While its economic stance is clear, the paper maintains a level of objectivity in its reporting, ensuring a balanced approach to news coverage.

The National Review

Founded in 1955 by conservative intellectual William F. Buckley Jr., The National Review is a leading publication for conservative thought and commentary. The magazine has been instrumental in shaping the modern conservative movement in the United States. It covers a wide range of topics, from politics and economics to culture and society, always with a conservative perspective.

The National Review has a loyal readership that values its commitment to traditional conservative principles, including limited government, individual liberty, and a strong national defense. The publication often provides a platform for prominent conservative writers and thinkers to share their ideas and opinions. It has played a significant role in influencing conservative thought and policy over the decades.

The American Conservative

Founded in 2002, The American Conservative (TAC) is a publication that offers a unique brand of conservatism, often described as paleoconservatism. TAC focuses on issues such as foreign policy restraint, opposition to interventionism, and a more traditional approach to conservatism. It has been critical of the neoconservative foreign policy stance that gained prominence in the early 2000s.

The American Conservative provides a space for conservative voices that may not align with the mainstream Republican Party or neoconservative ideology. It has gained a following among those who advocate for a more isolationist foreign policy and a return to traditional conservative values. TAC remains a niche publication but is influential within certain segments of the conservative movement.

The Washington Times

Established in 1982, The Washington Times is a conservative-leaning newspaper based in the nation's capital. While it covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, and culture, it is known for its conservative editorial stance. The paper has often been seen as a counterbalance to The Washington Post, which is perceived as having a more liberal editorial perspective.

The Washington Times has a significant readership among conservative politicians, think tanks, and policymakers. It provides a platform for conservative voices in the heart of American politics. It has also played a role in shaping the conservative agenda in Washington, D.C., and its influence extends beyond its print publication to its online presence.

The Daily Caller

Founded in 2010 by conservative commentators Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, The Daily Caller is a conservative news and opinion website. It has gained prominence for its provocative and often controversial take on current events. The Daily Caller covers a wide range of topics, from politics and culture to entertainment and sports, always from a conservative perspective.


The publication has a significant online presence and a loyal following on social media. It is known for its opinion pieces, which often challenge mainstream narratives. While some critics argue that The Daily Caller's reporting can be polarizing, it has undoubtedly made an impact on the digital media landscape and provides an alternative source of news for conservative readers.

The New York Post

The New York Post, founded in 1801, is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States. While it covers a broad spectrum of news, it is known for its conservative editorial stance, particularly on social and cultural issues. The paper's editorial board often takes conservative positions on topics such as crime, immigration, and personal freedoms.

The New York Post has a significant readership in the New York City area and beyond. It has a history of breaking important stories and is considered a conservative voice in a city with a predominantly liberal media landscape. The publication's tabloid style and bold headlines have made it a recognizable fixture in American journalism.

The American Spectator

Founded in 1967, The American Spectator is a monthly magazine that offers conservative commentary and analysis on politics and culture. It has been a platform for conservative writers and thinkers to articulate their views on a wide range of issues. The magazine is known for its wit and sharp criticism of liberal policies and politicians.

The American Spectator has maintained its influence over the years, attracting readers who appreciate its blend of conservatism, humor, and intellectual rigor. It has played a role in shaping conservative thought and has often been critical of the excesses of the political left.

While liberal newspapers often dominate the headlines and discussions in the United States, there is a rich and diverse landscape of conservative newspapers that cater to a significant portion of the American population. These publications offer a range of conservative perspectives, from traditional free-market conservatism to more niche positions, such as paleoconservatism and anti-interventionism. They provide a counterbalance to the mainstream media and serve as essential sources of information and opinion for conservative readers. Whether in print or online, these top conservative newspapers continue to shape public discourse and influence political debates in the United States.

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