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This really is a record of papers in China. The amount of papers in China has risen from 42--nearly all Communist Party newspapers --in 1968 to 382 in 1980 and over 2,200 today. In 2006, China was the most significant market for daily papers, together with 96.6m copies sold every day, followed by India with 78.7m, Japan together with 69.7m, '' the US together with 53.3m, along with Germany with 21.5m. China paper advertising earnings increased by 128 percent from 2001 to 2006.

Between 1950 and 2000, the number of Chinese papers increased almost ten-fold. In 2004, over 400 types of daily papers were printed in China, their flow reaching 80 million, the maximum amount of any nation on the planet. Targeted at different reader groups, paper formats are getting to be more and more varied. Recent years have seen a significant trend of paper reorganization.

In 2003, trans-regional alliance among the print press turned into a new fad. The Beijing News, run and spent by Guangming Daily newspaper band and Nanfang Media Group was the first for formal approval by the Chinese authorities to release trans-regionally. Approximately one in five papers published globally have been in Chinese. Among the top 100 most-read daily papers rated by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, 26 were all Chinese. Then what would be the most well-known papers in China? 

Below is a listing of the 10 most Well-known papers in China:

1. Reference News  参考消息

Reference News was first released in 1931 by Xinhua News Agency. It is a daily newspaper with 3 million circulations around the country. The paper mainly aggregates articles from major news agencies and journals in the world. Its content mainly focuses on global politics, and it also collects content about lifestyle, health, education, and other topics on certain pages and weekly supplements.

2. People’s Daily  人民日报

The People’s Daily is an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with a circulation of 3 to 4 million. In addition to its main Chinese-language edition, it also has other editions in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Korean. The newspaper gives direct info on the policies and points of view of the Communist Party.

3. The Global Times 环球时报

The Global Times is a daily Chinese newspaper under the People’s Daily newspaper. It features international issues and has a strong nationalist hue. The Global Times distinguishes itself from other Chinese papers in part via populist strategy to journalism, combined with an inclination to court controversy.

4. Southern Weekly 南方周末

Southern Weekly, previously known as “Southern Weekend|”, covers stories that the authorities don’t want to report much. Its columnists positively support democracy, civil society, and freedom of expression in spite of their danger of paper is prohibited. The paper was praised by The New York Times as “China’s most influential liberal newspaper”.

5. Southern Metropolitan Daily 南方都市报

Southern Metropolis Daily is well-known for the investigative reports and aggressive commentary, which often gets it into trouble with the authorities. It issues local versions for the Pearl River Delta cities, and features daily and weekly special-interest sections. The Sunday book review mainly offers independent cultural criticism.

6. The China Youth Daily  中国青年报

The China Youth Daily, the official paper of the Communist Youth League of China, is a popular official daily newspaper. In the 1980s it was regarded as the best paper in mainland China with a daily circulation of 5 million. Its present circulation estimated to be about one million.

7. Qilu Evening News  齐鲁晚报

Qilu Evening News is a daily paper in Jinan city, Shandong Province. The newspaper covers local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events. Its daily circulation is around 1 million, making it one of the largest circulation newspapers in the world.

8. Xinmin Evening News 新民晚报

Xinmin Evening News is an old newspaper released in 1929 in Shanghai. It is now possessed by Wenhui-Zinman United Press Group. The paper mainly covers news in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta areas and features social news, international news, sports, and culture reports.

9. Yangtse Evening News 扬子晚报

Yangtse Evening News is a commercial paper-based in Nanjing. With a circulation of 1.74 million, it is one of China’s most-read papers. The paper centers on Jiangsu Province and neighboring Shanghai and Anhui Province. It also owns electronic versions of the print edition.

10. West China City News  华西都市报

This Chengdu-based paper is Sichuan Province’s most-read newspaper with a daily circulation of 1.15 million. The paper is popular in Sichuan province and nearby Chongqing City. An electronic version of the paper is available online.

Besides the above newspapers, There are also some other popular newspapers in China such as ChuTian Metropolis Daily 楚天都市报 and Jinling Evening News 金陵晚报.

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