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Ranking the Top 10 Newspapers in the World in 2020

1.    USA Today

What is the best newspaper to read? That’s a subjective question that is hard to answer. However, by circulation in the thousands — USA Today is the most circulated newspaper in the USA with more than 4,139 average circulations (thousands). USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper and is printed in over 37 sites across the USA. USA Today ranks first in circulation in the USA with a weekly print circulation of 726,906. USA Today also has a digital-only subscriber base of 504,000, and daily readers of 2.6 million. Due to its stellar circulation and being one of the most famous newspapers, USA Today ranks number 1 on BizVibe’s list of the top 10 newspapers in the world in 2020.
Founded: 1982
USA Today Headquarters: McLean, Virginia, USA
USA Today Average Circulation: 4,139
USA Today Daily Readers: 2.6 million
2.    The Guardian
The Guardian ranks number 2 on our list of the top newspapers in the world in 2020. The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that was founded in 1821 in London, UK. The Guardian used to be called The Machester Guardian in the past and currently receives average daily readers of about 1.03 million with 126,879 in daily newspapers circulated.
Founded: 1821
The Guardian Headquarters: London, UK
The Guardian Daily Circulation: 126,879
The Guardian Daily Readers: 1.03 million

3.    The New York Times

Ranking 3rd on our list of the best newspapers in the world is The New York Times, an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. The New York Times was founded in 1851 and has won over 130 Pulitzer Prizes making it also one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world.  In terms of circulation, The New York Times ranks 3rd in the USA in daily circulation and is one of the most famous daily newspapers in the world. With an estimated 4.3 million daily readers, The New York Times is one of the largest newspapers in the world in 2020.
Founded: 1851
NYT Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA
NYT Today Average Circulation: 2,134
NYT Today Daily Readers: 4.3 million
4.    The Wall Street Journal
The Wal Street Journal ranks 4th on this list of the top 10 newspapers in the world in 2020. The Wall Street Journal — commonly referred to as The Journal in the USA — is an American business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City, with international editions also available in Chinese and Japanese. Including digital editions, The Wall Street Journal is the most circulated newspaper in the world daily (2,834,000).  The Wall Street Journal is one of the top newspapers in the world and the most circulated newspapers in the USA.
Founded: 1889
WSJ Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA
WSJ Today Daily Circulation: 2,834,000
5.    The Washington Post

The Washington Post is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and ranks number 5 on this list of the top newspapers in the world in 2020. The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. The company was for a long time controlled by the Graham family who sold it to Nash Holdings, a holdings company established by Jeff Bezos for USD 250 million in cash. The Washington Post has a daily circulation of 356,768 for its traditional edition of newspapers and closes to 1 million readers for daily digital editions.
Founded: 1877
The Washington Post Headquarters: Washington, D.C., USA
The Washington Post Daily Circulation: 356,768

6.    Daily Mail
Ranking 6th on this list of the top 10 newspapers in the world is The Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format. The Daily Mail has 1,222,611 newspapers in daily circulation and a daily average readership of 3.95 million — making it one of the best newspapers in the world in terms of daily readership. The newspaper was founded in 1896 in London, UK.
Founded: 1896
Daily Mail Headquarters: London, UK.
Daily Mail Daily Circulation: 1,222,611

7.    Yomiuri Shimbun
Yomiuri Shimbun is known for having the largest newspaper circulation in the world at 9,017,000 in daily circulation. Yomiuri Shimbun is also the top-selling newspaper in the world based on these daily circulation numbers. The Yomiuri Shimbun is a Japanese newspaper published in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and other major Japanese cities.
Founded: 1874
Yomiuri Shimbun Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Yomiuri Shimbun Daily Circulation: 1,222,611
8.    Dainik Bhaskar
Dainik Bhaskar is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper that is the largest circulated daily newspaper of India. Dainik Bhaskar is owned by the largest print media company and has a daily circulation of 4,320,781 making it one of the largest newspapers in the world and the largest newspaper by circulation in the 2nd most populated country in the world.
Founded: 1948
Yomiuri Shimbun Headquarters: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Yomiuri Shimbun Daily Circulation: 4,320,781
9.    Reference News 

Ranking 9th on this list of the top 10 newspapers in the world list is Reference News, a Chinese newspaper that was founded in 1931 and ranked 7th in the world in circulation. The paper is also published in the Uighur, Kazakh, Korean, and Mongolian languages for ethnic minority groups in China.
Founded: 1931
Reference News Headquarters: China
Reference News Average Circulation: 4,320,781
10.  The Asahi Shimbun
Rounding out BizVibe’s list of the top 10 newspapers in the world is The Asahi Shimbun, the 2nd most circulated newspaper in the world with an average circulation of 6,622 (thousands) and 7.96 million newspapers for its daily edition. The Asahi Shimbun has headquarters in Osaka and remains a privately held family business in the major ownership and control of the founding Murayama and Ueno families.
Founded: 1879
The Asahi Shimbun Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
The Asahi Shimbun Average Circulation: 7,960,000