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Bogrolls - Premium Quality Toilet Paper Provider In Sydney, Melbourne & Whole Australia

Posted 28 Oct-2020 05:48 PM by Nigel | 90458

BogRolls.com.au - the best toilet paper for the best price!

If you want to use toilet paper that is silky soft and built for anything that you can throw it at, then you want our bog roll toilet paper. With three layers of tissue in your hands, there's no mess that you won't be able to clean.

There's no need to buy any other toilet paper when you have Bogroll toilet paper in your home!

Just like toilet paper is an essential part of our homes, charity is an integral part of our society. With every purchase our customers make, 50% of the net profit goes to the disaster relief organization known as ADRA.

We are a 100% sustainable toilet roll manufacturer that produces and sells all of our products in Australia. We believe that great products make a great company and an excellent reputation.

Our organization dedicates itself to supplying our customers with high-quality, soft, and effective toilet paper that can complete any job you need it to do. Whether you're using it to clean up the restroom, remove cosmetics, clean up your baby after the soil their diaper or keep yourself clean after answering nature's call, you can rely on our toilet paper Melbourne to help get the job done. You'll be so happy that you can depend on this toilet paper, you won't want to buy anything else. 

The toilet paper for sale from our company is three-ply. By making our toilet paper thick, our customers won't have to use as much of it so that the roll will last far longer than a normal one-ply or two-ply roll. Plus, all of our toilet paper products are 100% sustainable and made from an easily renewable source. Having a clean butt is essential, but the resources that help fuel our society are just as necessary as well.

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No matter what area of Australia you're in, you need Bog Rolls in your life. So why not purchase your first order of our toilet paper from us and receive a 10% discount! You are guaranteed to be amazed by the quality of our toilet paper.

Where do we sell our products?

If you are someone who values products made within Australia, you'll be happy to know that Bog Rolls Australia has a toilet paper online shop. It sells all of our products exclusively in Australia. You can find Bog Rolls Toilet Paper in Sydney, Melbourne, and other smaller cities around Australia

Why choose us?

  • We operate exclusively in Australia so you will receive your order much faster than if you ordered from an international company.

  • Our company only stocks the highest quality toilet paper, Sydney products.

  • Many of our products are from some source of recycled material. 

  • With every purchase you make, 50% of our profits go to disaster relief organizations called the ADRA, so we help support firefighters, service workers, and those who are fleeing from disaster. 

  • We put money back into our community.

  • If you have any issues or wish to ask a question, send us an email through our contact us form, and you'll have an answer in less than 24 hours!

Testimonials For Our Toilet Papers

I have always hated the thin toilet paper that my company provides all of its workers in our restrooms. So one morning, I finally got fed up and took one of my Bogroll toilet paper rolls to the office with me. All I can say is I wish I did this sooner! Now I don't have to struggle with toilet paper that disintegrates by barely touching it. - William S.

I love the feel of bog roll toilet paper. Since it is three-ply, it's much thicker, like the expensive brands but buying it won't cause me to go over my budget. And I can use the toilet paper on my newborn baby because it is so soft. - Jack D.

 Ever since I bought Bogroll toilet paper, I don't need to buy any other cosmetics toiletries. I don't need to buy cotton balls or make-up sponges because the toilet paper is strong enough to wipe away my fingernail polish and remove the oil from my face when I take off my make-up. Amelia P.


Is your toilet paper environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. There's nothing worse than creating one-time use only products that hurt our environment and places a strain on our resources. Our toilet paper comes from 100% sustainable materials.

Is the toilet paper scented?

No, we do not sell toilet paper that is scented. Scented toilet paper is far more likely not to be sustainable, and it is not easy to recycle. Plus, many people are allergic to scented toilet paper or just scents in general, so they would not be able to use our products. We do our best to sell products that have a low, minimal footprint on the environment and do not aggravate our customer's health.

Is there a bulk purchase discount?

We will happily work with our customers on finding a discount for them if they choose to purchase a bulk order. The bulk option for our toilet paper is currently available on our product page, and you can inquire about bulk purchasing a product through our contact form. Let us know what model or product you're interested in and how many of that product you are looking to buy. We can also work with you and schedule multiple delivery dates if we are not able to ship the entire bulk purchase in one shipment.

Do you sell this product year-round?

Absolutely! Toilet paper and all of our other products are always available year-round. Unless our products are holiday-themed, they should be stocked and ready to buy during all 12 months of the year.

Can I use this toilet paper to remove my make-up?

Yes! This brand of cheap toilet paper is enough to remove any make-up, even mascara and liquid foundation. And it is still soft and delicate to the touch. It's also a great alternative to use instead of cotton balls when you need to remove your nail polish.


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Bogrolls - Premium Quality Toilet Paper Provider In Sydney, Melbourne & Whole Australia Free

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