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UNDP successfully completed the Acceptance Test of Angstrom’s Solar-to-Hydrogen Micro-grid Project

Posted 05 Aug-2021 05:22 PM by Kalai | 746

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) successfully completed the Acceptance Test of Angstrom's Solar-to-Hydrogen Micro-grid Project.

Stoughton, MA., August 5, 2021 -- In July 2021, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) successfully completed the acceptance test of the hydrogen-based micro-grid project. This project was designed and constructed by the Angstrom team. It established a hydrogen-based renewable energy storage system to break through the bottleneck associated with the utilization of unstable renewable energy (such as solar and wind power) and made a big stride forward to the hydrogen-based community.

Commercialized megawatt-scale containerized water-electrolysis hydrogen generators, skid-mounted hydrogen refueling stations, and big data platforms that are developed by Angstrom are making it feasible for establishing and implementing hydrogen energy communities or hydrogen cities. The success of this project also proves the possibility of œHydrogen Energy Communities or œHydrogen Cities. In such a scenario, hydrogen would be the critical medium in bringing together renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, etc.), power, heat and utilities, and the ability for grid peak-shift. Additionally, hydrogen can be used as a backup power source, as well as fuel for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs).

The ultimate goal of the œHydrogen Energy Communities'' is to take advantage of hydrogen as a clean, zero-emission energy source to achieve sustainable development, as well as carbon neutrality. To date, Angstrom has designed and constructed solar/wind hydrogen-based energy storage micro-grid projects in Massachusetts, USA and Jiangsu, China.

Hydrogen is a very valuable alternative to fossil fuel for distributed energy generation, delivering a high-powered solution with minimal environmental and safety concerns. Green businesses, telecomm providers, governments, and renewable energy advocates can now produce on-demand energy for their assets, at minimal cost and using commercially available equipment.

About Angstrom Renewable:
Angstrom Renewable is a pioneer in Hydrogen Electrolyzer design and manufacture. With over 100 patents for our Hydrogen technology, Angstrom Renewable offers state-of-the-art Hydrogen Electrolyzers - from the largest containerized single stack Electrolyzer to a multi-GW Hydrogen Electrolyzer combination. Over the past two decades, the Angstrom Renewable R & D team has developed many break-through technologies. Besides the patented Hydrogen Electrolyzer, Angstrom Renewable also offers a variety of Hydrogen Refueling Stations from containerized refueling stations, to 3-in-1 cabinet refueling stations, to traditional ground refueling stations.

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