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ASEOHosting's Director of Business Development Explains Unicorn Marketing

Posted 03 Jun-2020 12:19 PM by shipley | 1174

Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at search engine optimization focused web host ASEOHosting, announced that the importance of a success-based approach to content creation. Quality content is not defined by any measurable traits, but simply by whether or not it succeeds. First popularized by marketing expert Larry Kim, this is an idea that's come to be known as unicorn marketing.

"There are obviously metrics for a content's success or failure," said Page. "Successful content is usually well-written and composed with an understanding of its target audience. However, it's also written with a clear goal in mind, whether that's traffic, rankings, conversions, or simply engagement."

Many content marketers, he continues, fall into the trap of either not understanding or not focusing on their goal with the content they produce. As a result, they end up with a large volume of what Kim refers to as 'donkeys' rather than unicorns. They promote and re-post this unsuccessful content, hoping they'll eventually hit on success.

"The core idea behind unicorn marketing is that once you find a piece of content that's wildly successful, you should use that content to generate more content," said Page. "A blog post can be turned into a series or an infographic. You can use its success as a jumping-off point, building on that success to great effect."

In the interim, said Page, the best any brand or marketer can do is strive to understand both their industry and their audience. He advises looking at unicorns created by other successful businesses to get an idea of what form their own successful topics might take. And most importantly, he advises that marketing professionals learn to recognize when a piece of content they've created is a dud, even in spite of their best efforts.

"All content should be written to the highest standard of quality, so with that in mind, success is all about being strategic," said Page. "No one wants to admit that something they've created is unsuccessful. But the humility and wisdom to do that and keep trying to create something that does succeed is, in many ways, the hallmark of an effective marketer."

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