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New Trend Of Skipping Home Inspections

Posted 20 Jul-2021 05:28 PM by Roger | 501

Home buyers are choosing to skip home inspections in order to secure their dream homes before other offers.

It seems that skipping inspections can be a way of expediting the sale. This new normal is being acknowledged by real estate experts all over due to the high-stakes market. While you might be tempted to skip a home inspection to close on the house you are most interested in, it is unlikely that you will find an expert who would agree.

Roger Kitzmiller is a licensed home inspector. He is also president of A&T Home Inspections, INC. A&T Home Inspections are superb  home inspectors in Arlington Tx. I advise you to never skip the home inspection.


Make sure to carefully consider the costs and risks of removing a home inspection contingency before you make an offer on a house that has not been inspected. This article will provide an overview of the potential risks of forgoing an inspection and offer some alternatives to avoid severe buyer's remorse.


How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Opting Out of a Home Inspection


You must do your research to ensure that you make an informed purchase. An in-depth professional inspection of your home is an essential piece of information. Without a professional home inspection, it is almost impossible to get a comprehensive and accurate view of your home.

These are some of the major issues that you might not be able to learn about if you waive your right for a home inspection.

Hidden Hazards


You may not be able to identify safety concerns that need to be addressed before you close the deal. A home inspection can take many hours and will not identify all safety concerns. This includes electrical hazards, fire hazards, and carbon monoxide hazards.


Replacements or repairs are required.


It is easy to believe that you would be able to spot major structural and maintenance problems, which can lead to expensive (and costly) repairs. Most of the larger and more serious home inspection findings are surprising to the buyer.

Many issues that could give buyers pause are hidden by design or nature. It takes an experienced home inspector and a trained eye to find them

There is no maintenance plan for your home


It is easier to plan for the future and prepare for big jobs like roof replacements, furnace repairs, or replacements. It’s important for homebuyers to understand that knowing when to expect repairs is as important as identifying major defects. It also allows them to budget.

A professional inspector who has conducted many of their services on homes will be able to give you information that you won't find anywhere else. You need to know how houses are constructed and how they break down.

After reading we hope that you understand the risks included for homebuyers when skipping home inspections whether it's a new construction or not. 

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