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expEDIum Introduces Office EHR and InstaPay, along with Strategic Rebranding

Posted 15 Dec-2023 10:13 PM by Siva | 2636

Expanding its healthcare technology offerings, iTech announces expEDIum Office EHR, a robust Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution, alongside the unveiling of expEDIum InstaPay (eIP) for patient online payment convenience. This move signifies iTech's commitment to delivering practical, affordable, and efficient healthcare technology solutions.

expEDIum Office EHR - Streamlining Clinical Workflow

Scheduled for release in the third quarter (3Q) of 2024, the expEDIum Office EHR product focuses on user interface and experience using state-of-the-art cloud technologies and frameworks. This, in turn, delivers a user-centric, responsive design that promises ease of use and a boost in productivity. 

Adopting a Headless EHR Architecture enhances integration and scalability, facilitating seamless collaboration with existing healthcare infrastructure. Though the product is designed as a Headless EHR, the first version shall be delivered with off-the-shelf UI and custom templates for the GI/ASC specialty. In addition, this off-the-shelf product shall include features such as eRx / EPCS through NewCrop® Lab Interfaces, and with seamless, robust, integrated medical billing. The product shall be secure, cross-browser compatible, and support major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Whether a solo practitioner or small practice, one can keep ahead of industry changes by streamlining the clinical workflow, managing patient records, and elevating patient care with our intuitive EHR platform. To know more, you can view the early prototype of this 

product by visiting https://www.expedium.net/Office_EHR.

expEDIum InstaPay - Simplifying Patient Payments

Alongside the EHR introduction, expEDIum introduces expEDIum InstaPay, a secure and intuitive payment gateway developed in partnership with InstaMed®, a JP Morgan company renowned for secure payment solutions. expEDIum InstaPay allows patients to settle their healthcare bills securely and conveniently. This eliminates the need for repeated contact with their healthcare providers. PCI-DSS certified, the payment gateway ensures the highest level of security for payment card information processing. Patients can manage their financial health responsibilities efficiently by accessing 

product details at https://www.expedium.net/expedium-instapay.

iTech Rebranding “ New Identity 

In tandem with these developments, iTech has completed a strategic rebranding, changing its identity from the legal name of iTech Workshop to its trade name, expEDIum. While the legal name remains as iTech Workshop, we shall now be doing business as expEDIum. The new, revamped website, www.expedium.net, accompanies this change, offering an enhanced user experience, comprehensive content, and valuable resources for navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare IT solutions that we offer.

Sivakumar Narayanaswamy said, "In the crowded EHR market, we expect expEDIum Office EHR to standout with its better ease of use, tight & seamless integration with our billing product. Along with our RCM Services offering, we expect to deliver better end to end benefits including increased revenue collections."

About expEDIum:

expEDIum is a leading provider of Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape through innovative technologies and affordable solutions. With a focus on user-friendly and secure products, expEDIum continues to empower healthcare professionals to deliver superior patient care and revenue collection. In addition, the company offers a 60-day free trial of their billing software, customer service features, and live chat services. Learn more about us at www.expedium.net.


Siva Narayanaswamy, 

Executive Director & CEO

Email: nsiva@expedium.netmarketing@expedium.net

Phone: 786-646-0099 Ext 1000




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