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Step-By-Step Guide To Turn off Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks

Posted 28 May-2022 02:29 AM by James | 863

Advanced Inventory features in QuickBooks allow users to manage their inventory needs such as barcode scanning, discounts order fulfillment, in-depth reports, lot number tracking, etc. While there are many benefits of this feature, there are certain demerits too. It slows down the QB application and can sometimes report disparities from the real in-hand values. Many users thus prefer to turn off advanced inventory. 

Do you want to turn off advanced inventory in QuickBooks? Go through this blog for detailed steps or reach out to an expert at +1(855)-738-0359 and they can guide you through it.  

How is Your system Affected if You Turn Off Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop?

After turning off advanced inventory in QuickBooks, the settings are changed. These are the changes that are observed:- 

  • All of the site-related data you entered will be saved in QB, but it will not be visible or accessible to you.

  • All site-related columns, fields, and reports will be hidden from the QuickBooks interface.

  • Inventory-related transactions will not be assigned to any of your sites by QB.

  • It no longer use FIFO.

  • Barcode scanning is no longer an option.

Method to Turn Off Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop

You have the option of selecting which features you want to use while turning off advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise. Let's have a look at the steps you need to follow:- 

  • Tap on the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

  • Click on Items & Inventory and then go to the Company Preferences tab.

  • Now click on Advanced Inventory settings

  • Now uncheck the features you wish to stop using

    • Multiple Inventory Locations

    • Serial/Lot Number

    • FIFO tab

    • Barcode scanning

Note:- Regardless of whether you turn off barcode scanning, QuickBooks will keep all barcodes in your company file and allow you to use them again if you decide to turn this feature on in the future.

  • Now click on OK in the Advanced Inventory Settings.

  • Tap on OK in the preference window.

  • Click on the OK if the warning message pop-up.

How to Turn Off Advanced Inventory Tracking in QuickBooks Online?

Advance Inventory in QuickBooks creates numerous sites to store inventory data. If you don't want to use MIL (Multiple Inventory Locations), you can disable it in your application. In QuickBooks, there are two ways to disable MIL (multiple inventory locations). While the procedure described above was for the desktop version, let's have a look at the steps required for the online version.

  • Tap on the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

  • Choose Accounts and Settings.

  • Now click on the Sales button.

  • Then click on the Edit button in the Product and Services section. 

  • Turn off Show Product/Services feature in the sales form.

  • Also turn off ˜ Track inventory Quantity and price/rate' option.

  • Now tap on the Save button.

  • Finally click on Done. 

Now close your QuickBooks Online. The option can be turned on in future if required.

We hope you now understand how to Turn off Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks. We talked about the many reasons why individuals disable it and the steps involved in doing so. If you are having trouble following the steps, we recommend that you contact the specialists at +1(855)-738-0359 so that you can resolve the problem without losing any data.

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