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Money Transfer from India to Abroad is Now a Click Away with RRSB Forex

Posted 21 May-2021 05:18 PM by Divya | 573

Kolkata, 20/5/21: Sending money from India to abroad has found the easiest way through the hands of India's first money transfer and exchange firm - RRSB Forex. This decades-old venture by the Sen Group is considered as their front-runner. The legacy is being continued with the trust the company has been earning over the years. Started their journey in the dawn of the twentieth century, when India was still under the British Raj, RRSB introduced the concept of money remittance for the netizens. No doubt the secret of their long-running success is their trustworthy conduct of showing value to the hard-earned money of their clients. Now, the company wants to make the process easier than before with its online operation mode. 

What are the added benefits of the online forum of RRSB Forex?

— A detailed rate chart listing the latest rates of different foreign currencies
— The added services such as Travel cards, loans, general, and life insurance along with money transfer service and foreign currency
— Around the clock customer care service with more than 110 professionals to assist the clients
— Availability of more than 36 different foreign currencies

Sen Group believes that people are nowadays more comfortable with online transactions. Society has easily accustomed to online dealing and conducts by e-marts. No matter whether that is sending money abroad or purchasing items on a regular basis, it is conclusive proof that online transactions are easy to do and less time-consuming. Looking at this growing dependability, Sen Group has made their service online too. It is not hard to foresee that this step will only work in their forte and nothing else. Understandably, Sen Group is all set to keep its legacy intact in the long run.

As per the CEO of RRSB Forex, œPeople are showing more interest in searching different currency exchange rates online than searching offline. œWe have tried our best in preparing the most helpful and easy to find Rate Chart on our online Forum, he added further. No doubt, that RRSB has foreseen the fact that the rapid advent of online forums will continue to dominate the everyday life of the commoners. As an immediate result, people have become completely reliable when it comes to transferring money abroad. 

Why does RRSB think that the online option is safer for their clients?
— It is easy to keep tracks of the online transaction records through the accounts made on the platform
— Operating through the dry cash is safer than that of the liquid one
— A 24*7 online assistance and constant supervision on the process

The growing tendency to invest hard-earned money in buying foreign currency is another reason why RRSB has chosen the online forum. As per the Sen Group, the ongoing pandemic and past recession affected several foreign currencies all over the world. However, they believe that major foreign currencies like the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Swiss Franc, and Pound are still in high demand. The demand is a reality in the Indian market too. Besides availing of the money transfer service, the RRSB Forex has seen a sharp rise in buying all of the aforementioned foreign currencies too. According to the managing director of RRSB, people are becoming more aware of the value and future prospects of foreign currencies. The economic stability of major first-world countries such as the United States of America, Britain, Australia, Canada, and UAE is hard to influence. œIt will be a wise decision to invest money in buying currencies of those countries who are standing tall even in this harsh juncture, said the MD of RRSB. 

Which are the currencies RRSB believes most demanded in the current market?

— The US Dollar, which is one of the strongest and stable currencies across the globe
— Pound Sterling, which has earned its popularity after the remarkable triumph of Prime Minister - Boris.
— The Canadian dollars, which have suffered drawbacks due to the ongoing pandemic, yet standing strong in the international currency market. Plus, the interest rate and inflation rates are on the satisfactory side as well.
— The Swiss Franc, which is one of the safest currencies currently because of the high rate of employment and GDP rate. As per RRSB, the international demand for investing in the Swiss Franc is rising and it will continue. 
— The Japanese Yen, which is standing strong as one of the major Asian currencies in the international currency market. The demand is high because the currency is dependant neither on the US dollar nor on the Euro. More importantly, as per RRSB the inflation rate of Japan is low and will stay low for an elongated period. Hence, the Japanese Yen is high in demand.

RRSB Forex is a trusted name when it comes to buying an international travel card. A travel card is a security for those who travel to the aborad lands more often. Travel cards are beneficial for the students staying in foreign too. Considering this necessity, RRSB has made their travel cards available online too. It is surely another feather in the cap. According to the Customer Care chief executive of RRSB Forex, the number of queries to buy Forex travel cards is currently the second-highest after the same on currency exchange rates. œWe are trying to give more lucrative and convenient offers on travel forex cards for the students and travelers. We believe that they need our support and the best way to show is by making their travel experience smooth, said the MD at a recent press conference.   

The online portal of RRSB Forex has showcased some of the most promising and lucrative features. It is only to predict that the future days will be brighter for the company. Their online procedures of money remittance will be the flagship bearer in the long run. The aim to show the best value to their client's money and priorities is an example of how a company should make their position strong in their customers' hearts. 


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