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Fawcett Group – Top Rated & Reliable Electrician in Adelaide Today

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Electricity is a basic household or commercial necessity. Even the simplest electrical malfunctions can cause unnecessary delays and problems in our important day-to-day activities. The domestic electricians in Adelaide are capable of helping you out in several different situations. Whether you're looking for an emergency electrician or a commercial electrician, companies like ours can help you right now!

 There are many different reasons why individuals tend to reach out to an electrician in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. While some might simply be looking to get their house wiring fixed, others tend to look for more complex solutions, such as switchboard replacements and more.

How can we help?

1.      Lighting Installations

Probably one of the most common reasons why individuals would need the help of an electrician in the western suburbs in Adelaide is for the installation of lights. The moment our customers reach out to us, we quickly provide them with reliable domestic electricians in Adelaide that can help in the installation of all different lighting systems such as:

 LED Lights

LED lights have grown to be so popular that many can even install the lights themselves. However, for complex designs like LED strips, we recommend reaching out to us for satisfactory results.

Ambient Lights

 These include fixtures of chandeliers, wall-mounted lights, tracking lights, floor and table lamps. Ambient lighting is essential lighting that's capable of making a room light up with class and sophistication.

 Ambient lighting is installed to provide uniform lighting in a room and holds the simple purpose of ensuring safe traffic within a room. It tends to cover more ground and is capable of ˜bouncing off the wall' to light up more areas of the room.

 Ambient lighting is also a recommended form of lighting for the outdoors since they tend to cover more space. The outdoor lights include garage lights, spotlights, lanterns, lighting fixtures and much more. As experienced commercial electricians in Adelaide, we can help you install all the ambient lighting fixtures that you need.


Task Lights

Task lights are more focused on a particular location and can help you concentrate on a task, like reading, studying or other computer work. As one of the finest electrical companies in Adelaide, we can help you install all forms of task lighting, namely:


ž¢      Downlights

ž¢      Pendant lights

ž¢      Portable lamps

ž¢      Desk lamps

ž¢      Undercabinet lights

ž¢      Tape lights


Accent Lights

 Accent lights are meant to highlight a particular part or item in the room. These lights are capable of putting the attention of an individual to a specific point of interest, which is why they're a famous choice in the eyes of those that want to add a hint of luxury within their homes.

 We can help you with the installation of all accent lights, inclusive of tracking lights, tape lights, downlights and more.

2.      Surge protectors

 If there's anything that we've learned over the years, it's our need for surge protectors. With many fires being caused due to a surge of power flowing into the electric systems in residential and commercial grounds, a surge protector installed by a reliable electrical company in Adelaide is the first step you should take when moving into a new location.

 Surge protectors are used on appliances to ensure that it doesn't suffer from a voltage spike. The protector works by preventing the voltage of the appliances from rising above a particular voltage (240 volts are considered to be the standard recommended volts for most appliances, which is why this is the normal surge protection followed).

3.      Safety switches

 Besides surge protection, safety switches are also considered to be extremely important. While our installations of surge protectors allow individual appliances to control the volts running into them, safety switches can help you shut down the connections of all electrical appliances at once.

 With much experience as emergency electricians in Adelaide, we've witnessed several situations in which a faulty wire later evolved into a fire. Since we've been serving our community as reliable emergency electricians in Adelaide for years now, our entire team stands for the use of safety switches. Not only are they an integral addition to homes, but they are also well capable of preventing residents from falling into life-threatening situations.

 After the safety switch has been accessed, you can immediately reach out to us as the emergency electricians of Adelaide and we'll be ready to help.

4.      Electrical checkups are important, too 

Whether we feel ill or not, we visit the doctor annually for a general checkup. While there are no problems detected most of the time, we may be able to notice the presence of new allergies and minor stages of diseases that can be treated before they reach an incurable stage.

 Our appliances are no different. Electrical checkups can help ensure that there are no problems with the wiring systems, the lighting fixtures or even the power points. Most of the time, problems with the electrical systems can be detected beforehand and a regular checkup will help you ensure that there are no faulty wires present in the system, which could ultimately lead to a malfunction or a fire.

 As reliable and cheap electricians in Adelaide, we can help you get the electrical checkups you need now. Whether you need an electrician in the northern suburbs of Adelaide or an electrician in the western suburbs of Adelaide, we can help. 

5.    House wiring and PowerPoint installations

 While moving into a new house, there are many factors you need to take into consideration before you begin the rest of the work on the house. House wiring is an important part of your house since it allows you to work out the details of the appliances that are going to be used in different parts of the house.

 Moreover, setting up the house wiring to be fit for individual rooms also allows you to know where the surge protectors need to be placed. If you're looking for cheap electricians in Adelaide that can help you cut down your costs during a move, there's no need to look any further. We can help you get started on both your house wiring fixtures as well as the right PowerPoint installations for your home now.

What are the qualities of a reliable domestic electrician in Adelaide?

 At Fawcett Group, we don't believe in empty words - we allow our actions to display our skillset for all of our clients. An electrician's work isn't justified through theory, it's something that can only be explained and viewed in practice. For example, when an electrician is able to fix a fatal error in the wires, or even when an electrician is able to give you a power outlet where it wasn't present before, that's how you know how skilled an electrician truly is.

 If you're looking for a skilled electrical contractor in Adelaide, here are some of the qualities that you should be looking for:


ž¢     A skilled electrical contractor in Adelaide will hold an adequate amount of knowledge about both the electrical tools involved in the process as well as the knowledge of all the safety codes and considerations of the process.

ž¢     A skilled electrician in the northern suburbs of Adelaide will also be physically fit. Many don't realize it, but the job of an electrician is rather strenuous. There are many situations where the electrician will need to squat for hours, stand for long periods of time, climb up and down the stairs repeatedly and much more.

ž¢     A reliable electrical contractor in Adelaide will also be well-versed with flexible solutions to problems. Any employee in the service industry needs to be able to look out of the œtextbook instructions to come up with real-time solutions. There are going to be many situations where things don't go according to plan - which is when they will need to come up with a solution that isn't usual.

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Lastly, hiring an electrician should be an enjoyable experience. The customer needs to be treated with respect and professionalism. Customer service is a priority when it comes to the best electrical companies in Adelaide, namely, the Fawcett Group.

At the Fawcett Group, we believe in giving our customers the best services at the best prices. For us, an efficient day at work can only be justified when we receive a positive review from our customers. Whether you're hoping to get a lighting fixture installed or simply want to get an electrical checkup done, we can help. For more information on how we can help you, reach out to us via our contact number now.

 Contact: 1300 329 238



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