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10 Exciting Activities in Malaysian Private Tuition Classes


While it's explicit that students shine brighter when playing, it's also true that they enjoy the competition and lighter moments in class. However, it is not to say that private tutors should convert their tuition classes into a permanent playground; instead, they should enable students of all learning standards to thrive. The following are ten methods on how to make a tutoring environment fun and exciting in Malaysia! Here we go!


1. Videos and knowledgeable Movies

Videos and movies are a glorious way to generate some interest in a subject as it easily captures student's attention. Almost everyone watches YouTube or TV on a daily basis, hence that is a natural manner of approach for the students to learn English and Bahasa Melayu.

2. Read on News Articles

Malaysian news and articles are a great way to tutor students and conduct some real-life principles into the classroom. It makes their life easy by assorting the language from recent adventures into different disasters. All the tutor has to do is to pick the content that matches the level of the student, and away you go! It's an excellent way for students to practice English and Bahasa Melayu conversation from Malaysian newspapers like BeritaHarian or The Star.

3. Retell the Story

Next is the one on one, Retell the Story activity. It's a magnificent method to work on conversing fluently, and the student is guaranteed to have a bit of joy in the process! Meantime, it may be challenging as it demands the student to carry all the same information given by the tutor within a limited time to story it.

4. Picture-based Tutoring Activity

It is another one that serves best for students, as visual aided tuition classes can improve the ways to memorize vocabulary and idioms. Private tutors should show the student a picture and extract information from them. For older students, tutors could come up with some approaches for stories based on the illustration. The more creative, the better it is!

5. Online Presentations

Another approach for private tuition classes among Malaysians is to have your students do online presentations. It is perfect as a homework project between sessions. Also, your student will be able to acquire digital learning techniques, which are indeed one of the most valuable skills in this pandemic.

6. TV Conversation Lesson Plan

For Private English or Bahasa Melayu tutoring, one of the best activities to do is to practice an appealing, interactive, and exciting television conversation lesson idea. Besides, many of the students want to polish their communication skills and, reading out dialogues from TV programs like the documentary is a fabulous way to do that.

7. Expressing about Daily Routines

Daily schedules are one of the best topics for language classes like English and Bahasa Melayu among Malaysians. It's because every individual has something different to speak about it!

8. Introducing Debate

It is an amusing concept for having some fascinating conversations going, as well as enhancing critical thinking skills. It can be a funny, factual, or controversial debate theme. Then, private tutors should take one side, and the student takes the other. In brief, debate and strive to influence the other one why your side is correct!

9. Writing Postcards

Private tutors can contemplate getting students to write some postcards in their preferred language. It could be a real event or an invented one. Either way, it's a pleasant project that gets them rehearsing greetings and other simple English or Bahasa Melayu sentences.

10. Run through Interview Practice

Many adult English or Bahasa Melayu learners will want to practice the language for their job interviews. It is one of the best stuff to do in a personalized tuition class since the learners get so much individualized training and feedback.


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