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OUD BANK is Proud to Announce the Launch of our New Online Store

Posted 15 May-2021 09:16 AM by Salma | 584

OUD BANK is pleased to announce the launch of its new online store - https://www.oudbank.com. The main objective of the company is to provide customers with quality products and customer service and fast shipping for customers in Oman and worldwide.

The  online store features improved functionality and easy access to essential information about Oud products. The store has been designed to bring you the best and convenient online shopping experience.

OUD BANK is a renowned, trusted manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of an unparalleled range of oud wood and oud oil. Our OUD BANK has a rich collection of all Oud types from the most rare to the most common. The company was established in 1995 in The Sultanate of Oman by Sheikh Yousef Hamad Al Harthy. His passion led to the creation of the brand OUD BANK which then became a trusted international supplier of authentic, purest and finest Oud wood & Oud oil.

œOur OUD BANK consists of carefully selected best and rare agarwood of the highest quality from different regions around the world, from the forests of India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other well-known locations. We also have a collection of the best and finest oud oil tested in our lab for purity check and quality assurance says a CEO of the company Sheikh Yousef Hamad Al Harthy.

OUD BANK brings different products for customers


Homepage features useful information about the latest collections. There are direct links to essential oil, oud oil and oud wood available on the homepage, as well as a link to the category page. The online store contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to foster improved communication with the clients.

Clients can browse all collections, and the products will be delivered via the international couriers companies. The clients can select the favourite product ¦ all from the comfort of home! All orders within Oman will be delivered free of cost.  All orders from outside Oman will be charged a fixed express shipping fee of 20 US dollars. The other available offers are easy returns and 24/7 support. If the clients are not satisfied with the product, or the product is defective, within (15) days from the order date, customers can request a "Return Material Pre-Authorization" to return the product(s) to OUD BANK.


OUD BANK is a renowned, trusted manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of an unparalleled range of Oud wood and Oud oil. The company is committed to providing the most authentic, purest and quality products that creates pride for its acquirer. We hope you enjoy our new online store that is easy to navigate, and more user-friendly. If you have any inquiries about return, refund, delivery/shipping, please send us an email at customerservice@oudbank.com


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