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17 Jun, 2022
Instructional designing is an important aspect in any form of education. It does not limit to designing instruction modules. Rather, modern instructio...Read More

25 May, 2022
Custom elearning is the norm now! The all-size-fits-all learning approach has taken a backseat. With modern learning technologies, custom learning i...Read More

23 Feb, 2022
23 Feb, 2022: ELearning has become a household term in the pandemic. But, it does not mean that eLearning is very convenient for everyone. In fact, ...Read More

17 Feb, 2022
17th February 2022:  Digital accessibility is a necessary feature for every website. Though important, not all accessibility providers take it ...Read More

31 Dec, 2021
December 31, 2021: The corporate world is using different tools and resources to market its products. One among their popular option is explainer vide...Read More

23 Nov, 2021
23rd November 2021- Acadecraft has opened up opportunities for tutors with its online English tutoring services! As a leading ed-tech company, it st...Read More

29 Oct, 2021
29th October, 2021- 2022 is round the corner! With evolving time, the education sector has seen multiple changes. Earlier, coaching institutions wer...Read More

14 Oct, 2021
October 13, 2021: Gamified learning solution is the rising star in the eLearning domain. If we talk about its market growth in the future, it will ...Read More

07 Oct, 2021
7th Oct 2021- Tailoring to every need of clients, Acadecraft has been proudly delivering 100% customer satisfaction.  We have leveraged the comp...Read More

01 Oct, 2021
1st Oct 2021- Catering to the needs of businesses worldwide, Acadecraft has stood tall in its journey of serving clients with quality results. It st...Read More

25 Sep, 2021
25th September 2021- Acadecraft has been catering to the needs of clients by delivering customized solutions. It stands tall with its quality elearn...Read More

17 Sep, 2021
17th September 2021- Every learner has specific learning needs. Catering to every such need is challenging. However, with the custom e-learning solut...Read More

15 Sep, 2021
15th September 2021- The millennials, the Gen Z and the Gen Alpha, have one thing in common- their love for mobile phones. Acadecraft, a leading ed-...Read More

19 Aug, 2021
19th Aug 2021- Established to cater for the needs of digital businesses worldwide, Acadecraft is a premier online platform.  It stands tall in i...Read More

13 Aug, 2021
13th August 2021:  Established to serve digital businesses worldwide, Acadecraft stands tall in its endeavors. The company is one of the premie...Read More

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