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ScienThush a multi talented Bangladeshi artist.

Posted 08 Jun-2021 10:36 PM by Jon | 886

Atique Enam (born september 12,2002) who is known as ScienThush on the social media is a Bangladeshi youtuber, Musical artist and entertainer. But his journey was not so easy.
He has to pass many critical situations to reach this position. Atique Enam aka ScienThush started his youtube channel in 2015. He then tried to make videos but for less experience he was not successful. So he forgot about youtubing. In september 12, 2019 he thought about creating a facebook page named ( ¦¸¦¾¦‡¦¨§¦ §¦¶- ScienThush). And created one. Made some videos on the page but he was not getting views. He stopped then. After few months when the corona virus pandemic started and the lockdown started. Then he thought about creating videos about social awareness and again started making videos. Suddenly one of his videos got viral and he became famous to all over Bangladesh. People started to know him.
Then in 2020 he started creating musics. From his childhood he had thirst on musics. So he started releasing musics on international platforms like spotify,  amazon music, apple music, SoundCloud, deezer etc. His first soundtrack was "Love you,I just love you".  He already released a lots of music. Day by day he is becoming famous for his videos and musics. Some of his musics are
Love you, i just love you (instrumental) 2020 - single

Play with my emotion (instrumental) 2021- single

Feel me (instrumental) 2021 - single

Raw feel (instrumental) 2021- single

Rustic life (instrumental) 2021- single

Alone forever (instrumental) 2021- single

CooLoL (instrumental) 2021 - single

The hooman (instrumental) 2021- single

The truth (instrumental) 2021- single

Melodic day (instrumental) 2021- single

Lifeline (instrumental) 2021- single

Folio (instrumental) 2021- single

Trap trap (instrumental) 2021-single

Epic fire (instrumental) 2021- single

Hard trap (instrumental) 2021-single

Simple (instrumental) 2021-single

Reason behind his name (ScienThush):

Many people think that what is the main reason behind his name(ScienThush). As you all know that Scientists always research about science. All the time they stay busy on scientific research. Such like that Atique Enam always keep himself busy by researching about fun and entertainment. He always thinks about how to entertain people. What kinds pf content people would love. So as a result, you can compare him as a scientist. As he research about fun, so he is decided to use the Name ScienThush as his social media name.

Though his journey was not so easy but now he is successful for his hard work and passion. His suggestion for new comers is not loose hope. Just work hard and be passionate you will be successfull. 


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