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Innovative Company Launches Business Plan Tools for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

Posted 14 Sep-2021 10:51 AM by Donna | 578

EFour Enterprises has developed a cost-effective online solution that makes business plan writing easy. EPlan is specially tailored to developing-country entrepreneurs.

Miami Beach, Florida, USA, September 7, 2021 -- EFour Enterprises LLC is pleased to introduce EPlan, a cloud-based business plan methodology specifically designed for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies.

Donna Rosa, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at EFour, explains, œIn my work with microenterprises in developing nations I saw the need for a better way to help budding entrepreneurs develop business plans. The process can be difficult and intimidating, especially without benefit of a formal business background. These entrepreneurs need good business plans in order to secure growth financing, and I wanted to make the process simple and straightforward.

EPlan is an online business plan template that carefully walks entrepreneurs through the demanding process of writing a business plan. The template provides clear instructions for each section of the plan, and the entrepreneur simply fills in the boxes. EPlan can be completed in the entrepreneur's timeframe, at their own pace. It contains all the components of a complete professional business plan, and can be customized as needed.

EPlan is unique in that it presents the information in a linear, intuitive way, starting with the easiest sections and progressing to the more complex sections in a user-friendly format. When the plan is printed, however, it does so in a standard business plan structure.

Financials are a key component of any business plan, and EFour has that covered with pioneering financial software. Like EPlan, entrepreneurs simply enter their data. The cash flow statement, balance sheet, and income statement are automatically generated with one click and then attached to the business plan. The software has many additional capabilities, such as what-if scenarios, financial charts, and various analyses.

EPlan was designed for small business support organizations and programs such as business incubators, universities, NGOs, chambers of commerce, and aid projects, but is also suitable for individual entrepreneurs. It is available on a monthly renewable subscription basis that can be cancelled anytime. For small business programs the cost of multiple subscriptions can be as little as a few dollars per entrepreneur per month.

EFour also offers optional training sessions as well as full coaching services to assist entrepreneurs and support small business programs. For demonstration videos of EPlan and EFinancials, as well as subscription pricing, signup and other information, visit www.efourenterprises.com.
Rosa concludes, œWe've taken the confusion and complexity out of business plans for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our tools are easy to access and use, budget-friendly, and comprehensive. Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are key drivers of economic development, and we believe in their potential.

About EFour Enterprises LLC:
EFour stands for Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies. EFour specializes in personalized professional remote business development services for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies. EFour is at the forefront of technology-enhanced remote business coaching that works.

Donna Rosa
EFour Enterprises LLC
Miami Beach, Florida
+1 973 801 4582


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