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CellFlo6™ is not a Proprietary Green Tea Extract to Lief Labs or CARDIA6 Management

Posted 13 Oct-2021 11:58 AM by Suresh | 262

Response to the press release of the licensing agreement of CellFlo6™ by Lief Raws via CARDIA6 Management.

Tampa, FL, USA., October 7th, 2021 -- Anchor JRH Industries OÜ and Phoinix Holdings Company, LLC jointly responds to a press release sent out by Lief Raws and CARDIA6 Management regarding their release of CellFlo6™.

On September 15th, 2021, Lief Raws and CARDIA6 Management announced a licensing agreement “of the proprietary performance green tea extract, CellFlo6™.” CellFlo6™ is actually VASO6™ which is currently the trade name of the sports nutrition line, sold directly by Phoinix Holdings Company, and EpiLife+™ which will be the name of the non-sports nutrition lines which is sold by JRH Industries OÜ. The press-release called the product proprietary to Lief Labs and CARDIA6 Management but in fact, is available for sale by other companies on the market with no exclusivity given to Lief Labs or CARDIA6 Management.

“I felt this needed to be disclosed to the market from a perspective of transparency and doing business in good faith as the term proprietary is defined as one that possesses, owns, or holds exclusive right to something, which Lief Labs, nor does CARDA6 Management have any exclusive rights to the ingredient or its claims”, says Phoinix Holdings Co-Founder/Co-Creator of VASO6™, and Founder of JRH Industries OÜ J.R. Huddleston J.M. “As the direct companies selling VASO6™ and EpiLife+™, we will be able to provide the lowest prices to the market, with the ability to utilize the patented claims, and will not have the mark-ups associated with going through a middle-man who has licensing fees added in.”

“As one of the two main researchers on the pending PCT Patent, Mr. Huddleston filed a Federal Lawsuit in the Middle District of Florida asking the owners of CARDIA6 Management, Matthew Nickerson and Michael Sperduti to prove their inventorship rights by submitting all Federally required documents, lab notes, technical drawings, discoveries, and oral statements to the Court and the USTPO for review and evaluation, in an effort to clarify, or establish, any possible future patent infringement issues their licensing and commercialization of CARDIA6™/CellFlo6™ by either Lief Raws or CARDIA6 Management may have directly to them or to those who choose to formulate using those two ingredients before the PCT Patent is issued and disclosure validated by the USTPO.”

Phoinix Holdings Company holds the licenses to the patents on VASO6 and JRH Industries OÜ is the Assignee for Mr. Huddleston’s inventorship rights. The companies currently have distribution centers located in Virginia and Tallinn, Estonia capable of filling orders. Additional partnerships with their manufacturers have the ability to drop ship directly from the manufacturer or fill orders from their warehouses.

Each company are innovative companies designed to work with academic centers around the world to bring to life ideas and inventions from some of the brightest minds in the world.

jhuddleston@phoinix.co -and- jay@jrhindustries.ee
www.phoinix.co -and- www.theepilife.com

J.R. Huddleston J.M.
Phoinix Holdings Company LLC
Tampa, FL


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