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Importance of Cloud Armor in Google Cloud Computing

Posted 25 Sep-2019 05:58 PM by john | 1159

Cloud Armor protect your network and infrastructure against denial of service attacks, monitor security and much more. Let's start with what Cloud Armor is and how it helps. Cloud Armor is a network security offering to protect your Google Cloud implementations against Layer 3 to Layer 7 DDoS attacks by leveraging Google's global edge infrastructure and DDoS defence experience. Cloud Armor works with the global HTTP / HTTPS load balancer, which provides built-in infrastructure DDoS defence.

You can create rules using the combination of Layer 3 to 7 parameters and geolocation to protect your implementation. You can also use predefined rules to defend against cross-site scripts and SQL injection defences. Create the policy and apply to more than one service. In the Stack Drivers Registry, you can see if the policy matches and applies to the incoming request. You do not always have to apply the policy and rules in Access or Deny mode. You can understand access patterns using Preview mode to make sure you are blocking the correct traffic. You can also apply access control based on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or CIDR blocks.

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Configuration of Cloud Armor

Now let's talk about how to configure Cloud Armor. In the Google Cloud console, choose Network Security in Networks and then Create Policy. Give your policy a name. Select the action of the rule in Allow and Deny. Then add rule. Give a description to your rule. Under Conditions, choose a type. At this time, in the beta version, you can select ranges of IP addresses. Provide the criteria that match the range of IP addresses and select the Allow or Deny action. Initially, you may want to preview the traffic under this rule. Therefore, select the Enable only to review check box. The priority determines the order in which the rules are verified. Consequently, we will only establish 1,000 in this case.

Click on this link for more details- https://www.cloudologic.com/post/importance-of-cloud-armor-in-google-cloud-computing  

Now, the last step is to set goals. The objectives are GCP resources to which you want to control access. You must have a predefined target with load balancing. So select that as one of the goals you want. You will see the policy created on the board. To test if the policy worked, access the backend. In the Google Cloud console, navigate to the Stack Driver Registry and expand the recent record. And you will see the forced security policy in JSON Payload. You have just created a simple policy without backup in Cloud Armor and verified that it worked in the stack controller registry. So, Mark, it's that easy to configure Cloud Armor. With all that security, everyone should use it to keep their network secure.

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