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A Little Bit of Lavishing Online Store

Posted 01 May-2021 12:38 PM by Andrea | 764

A Little Bit of Lavishing' online store,  thriving through the global pandemic 

E-commerce and the emergence of online stores have surged by 129% growth in the past year, according to experts. On the other hand, online retail shops, a 146% increase in online retail orders, were observed last year. This tremendous growth can be attributed to the pandemic where the world needed to isolate themselves in the comfort of their homes and result in online shopping, food delivery, and other activities that intensified the e-commerce industry. 


Online retail shops that were confined in social media platforms have gone more extensive in the past year as their demand grows. One of these includes A Little Bit of Lavishing, an online store founded by Ms. Sonia So back in 2012. It started as a Facebook page until it grew and now has its own website. It offers its customers stylish, elegant, and affordable, and fashionable items and of high quality. In recent years, the store's top-selling products are shining shimmering, splendid pieces of jewelry.


Sonia SO, an accomplished professional who worked in multinational companies, is also a successful entrepreneur. With her Bachelor of Business Administration major in International Business degree, she conquered the business world as a manager in top Hong Kong multinational companies such as HSBC, Anbang Asset Management Company Limited, Jian Li Beauty Group, and more. She also headed their family business, Mighty Sky Investment, an offshore company, from 2013-2019. 


On May 1, Sonia SO will officially launch A Little Bit of Lavishing on its new domain. As part of its grand opening, the store offers FREE SHIPPING for purchases $100 and above. You can also avail 10% discount when you use the "GRAND OPEN" coupon and a 20% discount when you sign up and become a member of our online store. For this year's mother's day, A Little BIt of Lavishing will offer a 35% discount on selected purchases.


Here are some products from the store that you can give to your mothers for their special day: 

A Little Bit of Lavishing Embellished with Ostrich Skin Three-way Handbag
This handbag is perfect for mothers who want to be in style with its embellishment of intricate golden touch that can be worn as a handbag, clutch, or sling bag.


         Original Price: $199.00

         Discounted Price using œGRANDOPEN coupon: $ 179.10

         Material: Calf Leather

         Color: Beige

         Measurements: 20cm x 6cm x 14cm


Little Bit of Lavishing Magenta Calfskin Leather 3-Way Handbag
A handbag fit for fierce and bold mothers who need space to carry their daily essentials in a classy, elegant, and sophisticated manner.


         Original Price: $199.00

         Discounted Price using œGRANDOPEN coupon: $ 179.10

         Material: Calfskin Leather

         Color: Magenta and White

         Measurements: 16cm x 14cm x 25cm



Designer Sonialogy Retro Temperament Natural Crystal Garnet Chinese jade dangle earrings

It is a simple and exquisite pair of dangling Chinese jade earrings for mothers who just want to keep it low-key but with a little bit of elegance and sophistication.


  • Original Price: $98.00

  • Discounted Price using œGRANDOPEN coupon: $ 88.20

  • Material: Yellow Gold Alloy

  • Stone: Chinese Jade

  • Colour: Green

  • Non - Tarnish

  • Hypoallergenic 

SoPress Nail Tips No. 13 (Silver Glitz)

It is a great look for your mother's everyday nails to keep them fabulous with the simple glittery silver nail design.

         Original Price: $14.99

         Discounted Price using œGRANDOPEN coupon: $ 13.49 

So, what are you waiting for? There's a lot more than you can find! Visit A Little Bit of Lavishing's online store and get your mom a perfect gift that she deserves this mother's day, and express your love to your mothers with a little bit of lavishing. 




+852 9437 4370


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