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Hindu Vedic Astrology decides the Muhurat of the day. Muhurthams are very important, even in the Modern era to increase the probability of success

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Each sign has its own peculiarities.


It is a movable, odd, cardinal sign. Traits are, it is masculine, cruel, fiery and short of ascension. Aries denotes for courage, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, being optimistic and honest. It can make one impatient, aggressive, short tempered and impulsive. It dislikes being inactive and delaying. Aries natives are very courageous and brave. They have lots of energy irrespective of their age. They are very agile and perform their work in a short time.


It is a fixed, odd and earthly sign. It makes one stable, reliable, pragmatic, devoted and responsible. It can also be stubborn, adamant and uncompromising. Taurus does not like complication, insecurity and sudden changes. It is a pragmatic and down to earth sign and one can reap the fruits of hard labour.

Since it symbolises reunion, they would like to build relationships and be among people. Those people born in this sign are sensual, very conservative and considered to be one of the stable signs in the Zodiac. They work on with an aim in mind until they reach the target.


It is airy, mutable and an even sign. Gemini is affectionate, amiable, inquisitive and willingness to learn are its hallmarks. They can be two minded meaning indecisive. They like music, reading and to communicate. Geminians do not like to do routine jobs and also confinement. They can change their mind very quickly and therefore they learn new things and make lot of friends. They wish to enjoy everything out there in the world and naturally fun loving. For them variety is the spice of life. They are generally faithful in their relationships.


They are a cardinal, watery and even sign. Their unique traits are being creative, persuasive and little emotional. They can sometimes be moody and insecure. They normally do not like to reveal their personal life. Endowed with power of intuition and concerned with matters of family and home.


It is a fixed, fiery and an odd sign. Its special traits are generous, warm hearted, affectionate and light hearted. They can sometime be arrogant and indolent. They want prominence wherever they are and do not like to be ignored. They are naturally born leaders with a tendency to dominate. It is a barren sign. Being self confident can make them excellent team leaders uniting people. Leo people are adept in solving problems and excellent crisis managers. They can be at times egoistic and self centred.


It is a mutable or common sign, earthy and an even sign. They are very analytical and pragmatic set of people who are willing to work hard. They have the tendency to criticize the work of others. They do not like to be harsh and take centre stage. Virgos pay attention to all small details in every work they do. They can be introvert, which can often be misunderstood. Life around them is well organized sometimes overtly concerned about details. They may be good communicators and writers. They can author books.

Aquarius               Rasi/         ZodiacCancer


It is movable, odd and an airy sign. Important traits are, it can be social, amiable, straight forward and balanced. It dislikes to confront issues and can carry self pity. Librans are peace loving and harmonious with nature. They are people  oriented and would love to be surrounded by friends. They are very balanced in approaching every walk of life; balancing all kinds of decisions. They hold on to their own opinion in most of their personal matters.


It is a fixed, watery and even sign. Its strength are courage, being useful to others and being passionate. They can sometimes be secretive and violent (or) harsh in dealing with people. They can be assertive bent upon carrying out their ideas.  One can enjoy confidence with Scorpions since they are very secretive. They can be exceedingly cool and collected when confronted. They hate to be side stepped and dislike dishonesty. They are dependable in times of need by others.


It is a mutable, fiery and odd sign. Their important traits are they are idealistic, balance of mind and philosophical. They can sometimes give false assurances and can be undiplomatic. They like to travel a lot and undertake outdoor activities. They are open minded with a philosophical bent of mind. Sagittarians are extroverts and will go all out for achieving results. They can be extremely inquisitive and sometimes tactless.


It is an earthy, cardinal and even sign. Its special traits are behaving with discipline and responsibility. They can be good and effective managers or administrators. They would like to spend considerable time with their families. They can be independent which can make them progress well in personal and official life.  They can be assertive and at the same time restrain and have self control. They are even willing to learn by mistakes and hence dependable for new projects.


It is fixed, airy and an odd sign. Their unique traits are being independent and humanitarian. They can be introverts and remain aloof. They are interesting to talk to and are humorous. They can look ahead and therefore very progressive. Sometimes, there is a feeling of constraint and limitations. Since they are introverts, they can sometimes be cold and unrelenting. Aquarians need to do a lot to build trust worthiness.


It is a mutable, watery and an even sign. They can be understanding, compassionate, gentle and generous. They are loners and want to be alone. At times they can be very friendly and have different kinds of friendships. They are very magnanimous and service minded. They do selfless service without expecting any return. They can understand and appreciate others feelings. They enjoy high levels of intuition. They are open minded and all forgiving. Deep in their heart, they are a set of loving people and get along with their partners very well. They can be sacrificing for a friend's cause or family. Very good communicators and they love to communicate with others quite often.


Diipa-Jyotih Para-Brahma Diipa-Jyotir-Janaardanah |

Diipo Haratu Me Paapam Diipa-Jyotir-Namostute ||


The Light of the Lamp represents the Supreme Brahman, the Light of the Lamp represents Janardhana (Sri Vishnu), Let the Light of the Lamp Remove My Sins; Salutations to the Light of the Lamp.


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