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Launch of Accounts Payable Back Office Support by Back Office Accounting Specialists

Posted 21 Jul-2020 10:01 PM by Brandon | 1599

Back Office Accounting Specialists are launching accounts payable services back office support services for the US-based industries. We are the most prominent members in the accounting and bookkeeping industry among the leading outsourcing company, established in the year 2019, October. We involve in activities like clearances, settlements, record keeping, maintenance of books, filing returns, regulatory compliance, accounting, preparations of reports including making financial statements from the raw business data, among which we emphasize the account payable the most.

We have expert proficiency in streamlining the process of Accounts Payable department, which will serve you as a cost-saving tool for your business. Our core activity is to deal with the Invoices, Purchase orders and Credit Memos from the Suppliers. Back Office Special Accountants cater to you to strengthen your vendor relationship. Our Invoice Processing Services started right from Verification and approval of bills from the supplier and ends with matching them with purchase orders and getting it ready for the payment in time. This streamlines your entire finance and accounting activities.

Apart from that, you can avail discounts and other cash benefits from the supplier due to the prompt payment system. Our prompt service prevents you from paying an extra amount as a financial penalty, or late payment fees. We also take care of your credit and debit notes, maintenance of records for accounts payable as well as vendor account statements.

On top of that, we assist our customers with the centralization QuickBooks Accounts Payable functions for their benefits.

œWe are continuously exploring new business opportunities for emerging tools and technology. Our advanced extensive effort will bring some significant change to the bookkeeping industry in the digital movement, said Mr. Brandon S Cheema, Chairman of the Board and President of Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc.

Back Office Special Accountants never compromise with the quality of deliverables. We are customer-oriented and believe in a long-term client relationship. We aim to help our customers with expert service and the best innovative technique to deal with accounting affairs. Our optimistic behavior, cost-effective services and looking for providing the best customer satisfaction by fulfilling the customized needs of our clients are the core strength of our company.

Our Back Office Accounting professionals' team is equipped with on-time expert high-quality work. You will get access to the latest technology and infrastructure with no extra investment. Through implementing the accounting back office service you can get a greater scope for brand building activity in the industry. This, in turn, helps you to enhance your customer relationships and business reputation.

Delegating the tedious bills payable and accounting activity can reduce your business operating cost. This will increase the efficiency and improve the productivity among your domestic staff. With the reduced burden you will get the peace of mind to think over the growth and development of the business by deploying the staff in other core activities, like framing policy and strategies.

We provide Accounts Payable Service, Preparation of Cash Flow Management, Making  Bank Reconciliations, Preparation of Financial Statements including making balance sheet. Our talented accounting professionals can take care of your Finance and Bookkeeping activities by Keeping track of Individual customer account, Recording Journal entries and by managing other subsidiary books.

We do have a Tax planning team to help you in US Tax Returns filing. Take our help for Internal Cost Controls and Budgeting to keep good control over your business. Back Office Accounting Specialists can also help you in the Installation and management of QuickBooks services for your organization.

Back Office Accounting Specialists guarantee you a quality improvement in managing a business with reduced business cost. We have a better idea of the compliances, GAAP, US business standards and trade regulations to be followed. You are not supposed to pay any late fees and penalties for any financial miss-out. We are the ultimate business solution for your improved productivity and increased profitability.

The all we want is, our customers should come out of the stereotype traditional accounting system and try the innovative bills payable services of Back Office Accounting Specialists designed with the intention to establish a better control over your business. Here we are bringing a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services for your benefit. To know more about our services, get hands to our Free Accounts Payable Consultation.

œGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP or U.S. GAAP). Please note that in all instances in this press release, GAAP refers to the accounting standard adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


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