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As new tokens, coins, and blockchain projects emerge almost daily, so does the demand for accessible information about them. Journalists, analysts, potential investors, and the general public need access to concise and accurate information about emerging projects to make informed decisions. A press release is an excellent way to get that information out. A well-written press release can lead to widespread exposure of your new cryptocurrency or token. But where do you submit a press release? There are numerous websites and databases designed specifically for posting press releases. Each has its own target audience as well as submission requirements. The following list is not exhaustive, but it covers some of the most popular crypto press release services with high visibility and accessibility. Readers who are new to crypto may not understand all the terminology in this article. If they see it again in another context (like a news article), they’ll know what it means and be able to follow along.
What is a Crypto Press Release?
A crypto press release, or blockchain press release, is a short marketing and promotional piece that summarizes a new project, its objectives, and its current status. The goal of a press release is to bring attention to the project by distributing the information to relevant journalists and media outlets so that it is published and shared with the public. A press release is different from an article or a review because it focuses on promoting a product or service rather than educating the reader about it. It is also different from a press release in the traditional media because it is less formal, more concise, and written in a language suitable for the crypto or tech community.

Top Blockchain PR Websites and Services

Any website dedicated to crypto press release distribution will be able to provide you with information on their submission guidelines. The following websites are great resources for both crypto press releases and general blockchain PR services. 


Press Release Power is a crypto press release agency that specializes in helping blockchain companies and startups with their marketing efforts. The company publishes a calendar of blockchain and cryptocurrency events around the world. They also offer event management and PR and marketing services for clients.


PR Wires is a leading media outlet dedicated to blockchain technology and the token economy. The publication provides detailed summaries of industry news, as well as educational articles on blockchain technology and its implications.

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Services The amount of press coverage a project can generate is often a leading indicator of its success. PR is crucial to building a strong community around any blockchain project and getting it in the hands of the right people. 

Cryptocurrency PR

Cryptocurrency PR is a service committed to helping blockchain companies and projects achieve widespread recognition. The team is made up of seasoned PR executives and journalists from the mainstream media with years of experience in the newsroom. -

Bitcoin PR Services

A large portion of the general public still has a limited understanding of blockchain technology and its many benefits. Having easily accessible and accurate information can help to solve this problem. That’s where Bitcoin PR comes in. We provide PR services for blockchain companies and startups as well as ICOs and other initial coin offerings. We help to get your company in front of the right people and position you for success.


CoinStruction is a crypto and blockchain news site that publishes educational articles, event summaries, and in-depth market research reports.

Comma News

Comma News is a crypto and blockchain news platform designed to keep developers informed. The site provides up-to-date news, technical articles and reviews, code repositories, and a developer forum where developers can collaborate and share ideas.


Press releases are a proven way to get your company and your products in the hands of journalists and the public. A crypto press release is a more specialized form of PR that helps to promote new blockchain projects. There are a number of websites that accept and publish crypto press releases. The best PR websites for blockchain PR services will have clear submission guidelines and a high volume of traffic.