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Top Newspapers in Karnataka

Karnataka, a diverse and culturally rich state in southern India, has a long history of vibrant journalism. With a multitude of languages and communities, the state's newspapers play a crucial role in disseminating information, shaping public opinion, and keeping the citizens informed about local, national, and international affairs. In this article, we'll explore the top newspapers in Karnataka that have been instrumental in fulfilling these roles.

The Times of India

One of India's most widely circulated English-language newspapers, The Times of India, has a strong presence in Karnataka. With editions in Bengaluru and Hubballi, it caters to the urban population and English-speaking communities. Known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, business, and lifestyle, this newspaper has a vast readership in the state.

The Times of India Bengaluru edition particularly focuses on the local happenings and issues in the city, making it a go-to source for residents looking for news that affects their daily lives. Its digital presence has also grown considerably in recent years, reaching a wider and more tech-savvy audience.

Vijaya Karnataka

In the realm of Kannada journalism, Vijaya Karnataka stands tall. Part of the Times Group, this newspaper has earned a strong readership with its in-depth coverage of news, entertainment, sports, and politics in the Kannada language. It has multiple editions catering to different regions of Karnataka, making it a preferred choice for those who prefer local news in their native tongue.

Vijaya Karnataka is known for its investigative journalism, bringing to light many important issues and corruption scandals in the state. Its commitment to quality reporting has earned it a place in the hearts of Kannada-speaking readers.

Deccan Herald

For over 70 years, Deccan Herald has been a prominent English daily newspaper in Karnataka. Based in Bengaluru, it has a strong reputation for its balanced reporting, insightful editorials, and comprehensive coverage of both local and international news. Its Sunday edition, "Spectrum," is a favorite among readers for its in-depth features and analysis.


Deccan Herald has evolved with the times and maintains a strong online presence through its website and mobile app, ensuring that its readers stay informed in the digital age. The newspaper's legacy and credibility make it a trusted source of information for many in Karnataka.


Another stalwart in the Kannada newspaper landscape is Prajavani. Owned by the Deccan Herald Group, it has been serving readers for decades with its robust reporting, editorial integrity, and extensive coverage of regional and national news. Prajavani has a wide readership base, making it one of the top-selling Kannada newspapers in the state.

The newspaper's commitment to social and political issues sets it apart, as it often takes up causes that matter to the people of Karnataka. With its dedicated readership and impactful reporting, Prajavani continues to be a key player in shaping public opinion in the state.


Udayavani, a Kannada-language newspaper headquartered in Manipal, is widely circulated in coastal Karnataka. Known for its engaging content and strong regional coverage, it has earned a special place in the hearts of people from the coastal regions. The newspaper also has editions in Bengaluru and Mumbai, ensuring that it reaches a larger audience.

With a focus on local news, culture, and traditions, Udayavani caters to the unique needs and interests of its readers. It has successfully adapted to the digital era, offering its content online and through mobile apps.

The Hindu

The Hindu, a respected English-language newspaper with a national presence, also has a significant readership in Karnataka. Its Bengaluru edition, in particular, provides readers with a well-rounded view of news and events, both locally and globally. Known for its in-depth reporting and analytical pieces, The Hindu appeals to readers seeking a deeper understanding of current affairs.

The newspaper's editorial stance is often seen as balanced and unbiased, making it a preferred choice for those looking for quality journalism. Its online platform ensures that readers can access its content from anywhere in the state.

Praja Vani

Praja Vani, the sister publication of Deccan Herald, is a Kannada daily known for its strong regional presence. It caters to readers across Karnataka with its comprehensive coverage of news, politics, sports, and culture. The newspaper is respected for its commitment to high journalistic standards and ethical reporting.

Praja Vani is also available in digital format, making it accessible to a wider audience. Its strong regional focus and deep-rooted journalistic values have solidified its position in Karnataka's media landscape.

The New Indian Express

With its presence in Bengaluru, The New Indian Express is another English-language newspaper that has made its mark in Karnataka. Known for its crisp reporting and insightful editorials, it provides a holistic view of national and international news. The newspaper's digital platform has expanded its reach even further.

The New Indian Express caters to a diverse readership and is respected for its objective reporting. It offers a balanced perspective on a wide range of topics, making it a valuable source of information for readers in Karnataka.

Kannada Prabha

Kannada Prabha, a Kannada-language daily owned by The New Indian Express Group, has been a trusted source of news for readers in Karnataka. With a strong focus on regional news and culture, it appeals to those who prefer their news in the Kannada language. The newspaper is known for its commitment to quality journalism and ethical reporting.

In addition to its print edition, Kannada Prabha has a digital presence, making it accessible to a wider audience. It continues to play a vital role in Karnataka's media landscape.

Samyukta Karnataka

Samyukta Karnataka, a Kannada daily with a rich history, is known for its extensive coverage of news and events in Karnataka. It has a loyal readership base, particularly in North Karnataka, where it is considered a reliable source of information.

While it primarily serves readers in the northern regions of Karnataka, Samyukta Karnataka also has a digital presence, allowing it to reach a broader audience interested in regional news and politics.

In Karnataka, newspapers hold a special place in the lives of its citizens, serving as not just sources of information but also as influencers of public opinion and culture. The newspapers mentioned above, whether in English or Kannada, have established themselves as trusted voices in the state's media landscape. They continue to evolve with the changing times, embracing digital platforms to reach wider audiences while upholding the values of responsible journalism.

These newspapers play a crucial role in shaping the discourse in Karnataka, reflecting the state's vibrant diversity and rich heritage. In a world where information flows rapidly, the top newspapers in Karnataka remain steadfast in their mission to keep the people informed and engaged in the issues that matter most to them.

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