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In the dynamic landscape of social media and digital content creation, influencers have emerged as powerful figures with the ability to shape trends, sway opinions, and inspire millions of followers. Vietnam, a country with a rapidly growing online community, has seen the rise of numerous influencers who have made a significant impact on various industries, from fashion and beauty to travel and technology. In this article, we will explore some of the top influencers in Vietnam, their journeys to stardom, and the impact they have had on both online and offline communities.

Tran Thanh

Tran Thanh is a multi-talented influencer, renowned for his versatile skills as an actor, comedian, and television host. With a career spanning over a decade, Tran Thanh has amassed a massive following, not only on traditional media but also on social platforms like Instagram and YouTube. His humorous content, relatable sketches, and witty commentary have endeared him to millions of fans across Vietnam. Tran Thanh's influence extends beyond entertainment, as he often uses his platform to raise awareness about social issues and charitable causes.

Chi Pu

Chi Pu, a former singer turned actress, is a prominent influencer known for her fashion-forward style and vibrant personality. Her journey from a music career to becoming a fashion icon has captivated the hearts of many Vietnamese youngsters. Chi Pu has collaborated with top brands in the fashion and beauty industry, making her a trendsetter in the country. Her YouTube channel and Instagram account are popular platforms for sharing fashion tips, beauty routines, and lifestyle advice.

Son Tung M-TP

In the world of music and entertainment, Son Tung M-TP stands out as one of Vietnam's top influencers. As a singer, songwriter, and music producer, Son Tung M-TP has achieved international recognition for his catchy songs and innovative music videos. With a strong presence on YouTube and Instagram, he connects with fans and shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his creative process. His influence transcends borders, as he continues to make waves in the global music industry.


Nam Vo

Nam Vo, a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, has made a name for himself as a health and wellness influencer. He promotes a healthy lifestyle, sharing workout routines, diet tips, and motivational content to inspire his followers to lead better lives. Nam Vo's dedication to fitness and positive mindset has earned him a loyal following, and he has helped many Vietnamese individuals adopt healthier habits.

Thanh Hang

Thanh Hang is a renowned Vietnamese model and actress who has successfully transitioned into the world of social media influencing. Her Instagram account showcases her elegant fashion choices, beauty tips, and travel adventures. Thanh Hang's sense of style and sophisticated image have made her a sought-after figure for collaborations with luxury brands and fashion designers.

Khoai Lang Thang

Khoai Lang Thang, whose name translates to "Wandering Sweet Potato," is a travel influencer who has embarked on numerous adventures across Vietnam and beyond. Through his YouTube channel and Instagram, he documents his journeys, offering travel tips and recommendations to his audience. Khoai Lang Thang's content not only encourages people to explore the beauty of Vietnam but also inspires wanderlust for international destinations.

Trinh Pham

Trinh Pham is a beauty and skincare influencer with a passion for helping people achieve radiant, healthy skin. Her skincare routines, product reviews, and skincare advice have gained a dedicated following. Trinh Pham's commitment to promoting self-confidence and self-care has resonated with her audience, and she has become a trusted source of beauty information.

Dang Khoi

Dang Khoi is a tech-savvy influencer who specializes in reviewing and showcasing the latest gadgets and technology trends. With a focus on smartphones, laptops, and other tech devices, Dang Khoi's YouTube channel has become a go-to resource for tech enthusiasts in Vietnam. His in-depth reviews and tech tutorials have helped consumers make informed decisions when purchasing electronics.

Duong Quoc Dinh

Duong Quoc Dinh, known as Dinh La Thang, is a food influencer who takes his followers on a culinary journey through Vietnam's diverse cuisine. His YouTube channel features mouthwatering food reviews, cooking tutorials, and restaurant recommendations. Dinh La Thang's passion for food and his engaging storytelling have made him a beloved figure among foodies in Vietnam.

Chau Bui

Chau Bui is a lifestyle and travel influencer who showcases the beauty of Vietnamese culture and landscapes through her content. Her Instagram feed is a visual treat, filled with stunning photography and travel stories. Chau Bui's advocacy for sustainable and responsible travel has also raised awareness about the importance of preserving Vietnam's natural beauty.

Impact Beyond the Screen

While these influencers have built their careers and amassed followers online, their influence extends far beyond the screen. They have played pivotal roles in shaping consumer trends, raising awareness about important issues, and fostering a sense of community among their followers. Here are some ways in which top influencers in Vietnam have made a real-world impact:

Social Responsibility: Many influencers in Vietnam use their platforms to advocate for social causes and charitable initiatives. They have raised funds for disaster relief, supported underprivileged communities, and promoted environmental conservation.

Business Collaborations: Influencers often collaborate with brands, helping them reach a wider audience and boost sales. These partnerships benefit both the influencers and the companies they work with.

Tourism Promotion: Travel influencers have contributed to the growth of the tourism industry by showcasing the beauty and culture of Vietnam to a global audience. This has led to increased interest in travel to Vietnam.

Trends and Fashion: Fashion influencers drive consumer trends and influence fashion choices. They also encourage the adoption of sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

Health and Wellness: Influencers in the health and wellness space inspire people to lead healthier lives, fostering a positive impact on public health.

In Vietnam's ever-evolving digital landscape, influencers have emerged as powerful figures who can shape trends, impact consumer choices, and promote positive change. The top influencers in Vietnam, whether in entertainment, fashion, technology, or travel, have leveraged their platforms to connect with audiences, share their passions, and inspire millions. As these influencers continue to evolve and adapt to changing trends and societal needs, their influence on the nation's culture and economy is sure to remain significant, making them central figures in the country's digital revolution.

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