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A pro-Kremlin political information website says it's developed a computer algorithm to ascertain which media outlets would be the most anti-Russian.

The politonline.ru site, part of this Pravda.ru press holding, says it's made a particular system which vets media articles to get suggestive words and phrasing that throw the Russian nation and its own activities in Ukraine at a negative light.

The machine, among other items, is programmed to red-flag conditions such as"annexation,""Anschluss," and"little green men" -- a reference to this insignia-free"self-sustaining" troops which unexpectedly appeared in Crimea through Russia's militarized takeover.

The end result is Russia's initial top Collection of the very"anti-Russian" news outlets, according to a qualitative analysis of this heated month of March

List of Top News Companies in Russia

1. Russia Today - Daily news

About Website, RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news. RT creates news with an edge for viewers who Question More. RT covers stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provides alternative perspectives on current affairs, and acquaints international audiences with a Russian viewpoint on major global events. Frequency 30 posts / day.

2. Meduza

About Website Every day Meduza brings you the most important news and feature stories from hundreds of sources in Russia and across the former Soviet Union. Their team includes some of Russia's top professionals in news and reporting. Frequency 6 posts / day

3. Russia Insider

About Website, Russia Insider is a private publication, funded by its founders, independent of any governments or institutions. Their core contributors come from business, finance, journalism, academia, and diplomacy. Frequency 14 posts / month


About Website, TASS is the leading Russian state information agency, a legend of national news journalism. With us news becomes stories and events become history. Frequency 30 posts / day

5. The Moscow Times

About Website, The Moscow Times is Russia's leading, independent English-language publication. The Moscow Times is the one-stop English-language news source for ex-pats who want to understand Russia better and make money honestly in Russia. The Moscow Times offers everything you need to know about Russia, breaking news, top stories, business, analysis, opinion, multimedia, upcoming cultural events. Frequency 15 posts / day

6. Pravda Report

About Website, Pravda On-Line was launched in January of 1999, the first Russian newspaper of its kind. The newspaper Pravda analyzes events from the point of view of the Party's interests, whereas Pravda Online takes a pro-Russian approach to form its policy. Frequency 3 posts / day

7. English Russia

About Website, English Russia provides interesting news from Russia in the English language. Frequency 1 post / day

8. CNN Point

About Website News of World, Russia, Pakistan, Sports, Showbiz, Pakistani Talk Shows, Articles

9. Russian Universe | Understanding Russia with a Russian

About the Website, My name is Sergey Armeyskov. I am a Candidate of Sciences in Culturology. I created Russian Universe back in March 2013 as a blog covering various topics from art and culture to politics and history, from the Russian perspective, i.e. in relation to and through the lens of Russianness. Frequency 1 post / year

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