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Searching out for a great wired network for widespread distribution of the press release?

Press Release Power offers News Distribution Services, press release distribution, and video press release service as per the plans selected by business owners. Press Release Power is linked with several media platforms and they have a team of talented journalists who provide guaranteed PR distribution, syndication, promotion, and coverage to boost the viral exposure online with the press release services.


Press release power is a reliable name in public relations. It offers a highly efficient Content Distribution Services policy which targets potential audiences through a complete global media contact database, online syndication, and regional, national or international distribution. 

What sets Press Release Power apart?

  • Real-time journalists
  • Major media outlets
  • Access to result tracking 
  • Special Database 
  • Customized press release service by hand-picked editors

Pressreleasepower.com is a trusted website where companies can promote everything about their commerce in a one-stop-shop business marketplace. It is a perfect amalgamation of public relations and advertising entities. Press Release Power is a directory of businesses, goods, and services; a press release distribution appraisal is a distribution service, job search website, and online publication of articles, reviews, and celebrity interviews.  With Press Release Power, any company can produce quality leads on an international, national and local level by listing all their products, services, and other business information.  Press Release Power offers focused and thorough resources in every business category.  On Press Release Power one can catch any type of business, product, service, job, press release, and article.  Send a press release through Press Release Power to attain guaranteed reach to the maximum number of people possible.  The main key to disseminate the news is having perfect distribution partners.


Press Release Power is quick and accurate


Press Release Power offers press release services through various forms, they are –

  • Online
  • Print media
  • Journalists
  • Consumers and Readers
  • Bloggers


With Press Release Power, the brand’s story will be shared around the world with the help of real journalists with Newswire Services.


Rely on Press Release Power to –

  • attract new audiences
  • expand industry reach
  • enhance product
  • make service visible 
  • increase web traffic
  • augment brand value
  • attract PR investors
  • enhance deep ranking 


Press Release Power submits the press release writing to suitable online press release directories and various channels. It is also distributed to different blogs.

 Press Release Power leaves the mark of any business brand on major news outlets, interlinking wires which carry their release and work for the custom distribution of the campaign.

How does Press Release Power work?

Press Release Power is a reliable online press release company which makes the most of the penetration and exposure from press releases through allocating releases via news feeds to online and offline journalists, media websites, and news combination services, browser news such as Google News and Yahoo news; all this results in a great deal of revelation for a newsworthy story.

  • Press Release Power does press release distribution on news sites of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations.
  • They circulate and print news releases on thousands of RSS feeds and blogs.
  • They make print release search engines optimized with the right keywords.
  • Press Release Power provides access to press releases 24/7 to journalists and to the targeted audiences.
  • They add video or images on free release submission at no extra cost.
  • They have the best customer care service which assists through telephone consultation.


PR wire by qualified PR experts


Press Release Power portrays press releases in a way that it can explain to customers, partners, vendors, and shareholders about the complete latest developments, events, or activities regarding any business. They highlight the positive faces of any company through Pr News Release which help to build a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of its prospective audiences. 

Press Release Power is a unique and newsworthy press release agency that understands the importance of the press and accordingly, they make sure that the Pr Business Wire release is distinctive. 

Press Release Power is the Best Pr Distribution Service where one can submit press releases online.  Some guidelines need to be followed before submitting a press release –

  • A press release should belong enough to cover all basic elements and short enough so that the readers won't get bored.
  • Divide attention equally between the text and the headline.
  • An eye-catching headline that must be brief and clear.
  • The text must be relevant to a feature or product.
  • No exaggeration of the information.
  • Proofread the release before sending it out.

Press Release Power is the best platform for press release distribution which helps clients increase their online visibility and web presence.  Get in touch with them to deliver the messages to the right audience so that an everlasting online presence can be achieved.